A Bit About Me

Ello pink pavlovas!
Firstly, thanks so much for popping by my blog! I’m Courtney, a fun-sized twenty three year old Disney enthusiast, who has an intense obsession with anything pink, glittery or fluffy and if I see anything that happens to be all three, I may just pass out. 
I could pratically live off burgers and sweet potato fries if allowed and I’m addicted to tea and biscuits. And cake. Okay, I can’t do this, I like a lot. Only thing I really can’t stomach is anything to do with seafood.
I am mad for micro pigs and dogs (especially Maisy, my 11 year old chihuahua- she’s adorable) ↑ ! Wintertime is my fave because that means Christmas, hot chocolate and snuggly clothes and who doesn’t love any of that right?
I’m starting up this blog as a bit of a hobby really, it’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while but since completing my English Literature degree in 2017, I’ve found myself barely writing. So I thought right enough is enough, it’s time to get a blog going.  Better late than never- so after a lot of umming and ahhing, here I am, and how this is going to go I don’t know, but I’d like to make this a place where I can talk about my interests, what I love doing and life in general. One thing is for sure, you can definitely expect a load of waffle on fashion and beauty (I’m all game for a lippy and some shoes!) I’ll definitely throw in some lifestyle too! 
Now the blog name- I want to come out with some deep and meaningful reasoning, but in a nutshell- I’m a huge tea lover and my hair has been all shades of purply reds since the age of about 16 = Rose Tea (ta-da!) I know, original or what!?
Basically I’m all for a good ol’ chit chat so I hope you enjoy a waffle! (The potato kind as well) 😉
Enough about me, what about you?
C  ♥

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