Here Goes…

Hello poppets,

Okay so I’m going to attempt to do a lil’ intro post today- this could go one of two ways and I’m fairly sure it’s going to be extremely lengthy too but I’ll give it a go (please bear with me haha!)

If you’ve read my ‘About Me’ section, then you’ll know that I’ve been aiming to get a blog started for quite a while now but have just not had the motivation to kick start it. As everyone knows, life gets in the way of lots of things and I definitely let it get in the way of this. However I had a surge of motivation recently where I realised that this is something that I’ve been meaning to do for a long time because I’m actually interested in it. Woah- epiphany or what. What I mean by this, is that everything and anything to do with the magic of shoes, mascara and tiny fluffy animals makes me ridiculously happy. Now this may seem a little crazy, but it’s a fact. And anyone that knows me well will say the same. So what better way to get involved in all this lovely goodness than to write about it!? Now I do love writing and I can safely say I’ve been doing it in some way, shape or form since the age of about six. Both inside and outside of education, I was always found with a pen in my hand or my nose in a book. I mean I’d like to think it paid off, as I carried all of that right through to university.

Anyways life story aside, what I’m trying to get at here is that writing down my thoughts and ideas is definitely an effective way of clearing my head and I believe a blog will allow me to talk about my interests and express my thoughts in a way that I can’t do in everyday life. I’ve always wanted to pursue a career in writing in the area of where my interests lie but for now I’m just doing what I can- if I never end up getting there or if it takes years and years then that’s okay, I’m going to see where life takes me.

I made myself  3 resolutions at the beginning of 2018, they’re not groundbreaking or major- in all honesty they’re just normal mundane things, but they’re goals I’d like to achieve by the time Christmas is upon us again.

  1. To try something new out of my comfort zone that relates to my interests.    Okay so hence the blog in this case- I knew I wanted to desperately begin it but I didn’t have the confidence to do so- so I am hella pleased that I’m finally biting the bullet and pushing myself out of my lil’ comf
    ort bubble!
  2. To pass my driving test – yep, I told you they weren’t groundbreaking goals but I’m telling you now- this will be very groundbreaking to me haha! I’ve been learning on and off for years now and is something that just needs to be done.
  3. Be happy- in the words of good ol’ Bobby McFerrin, ‘don’t worry, be happy.’  Overthinking is a huge trait of mine that I’m trying to overcome and I’m aiming to find my feet a little more in life and accept that nothing ever really goes to plan. Having not long left a job that I knew was a great opportunity for me but that just wasn’t making me happy anymore, made me realise that things don’t always go as you’d hope. Life comes up and bites you on the bum and at the end of the day, you have to do what’s best for you. And so I’m going to find peace in trusting whatever happens and just roll with it, not worry and be happy because if 2018 so far has taught me anything, it’s that nothing’s ever worth it if you’re not happy. 

I’m in the limbo where I’m not really too sure what I’m doing, what I exactly want to do or how to get there but I do know what I enjoy and who I love and that’s enough for me.

So, enough of the waffle (if you’re still reading this, big thanks and also congrats for hanging in there) and I hope you’ll enjoy my blog journey with me x

Do you know exactly where you are in life or where you are heading? What do you love doing that makes you happy?

C ♥

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