My Slightly Unhealthy Obsession With Charlotte Tilbury (and why her products are so damn good)

Hey everyone!

Okay so I’ve literally been dying to do a post on Charlotte Tilbury. In a nutshell I can confidently say without a shadow of a doubt, that she is pretty much the most fabulous beauty brand around at the moment (well okay, maybe a bit bias there, but I reckon so anyway) and I’m going to tell you exactly why her products need to be in your makeup bag right now!

My finding out of the brand was a good few Christmas’s ago now… and I have to say, passing by one of her stores was some sort of God-like experience (the most luxurious looking makeup store I’ve ever seen to put it simply). So obviously that was it- in I shot and there  I stayed before emerging an hour later, running from the store clutching a bag of goodies and laughing because it all cost way more than I could afford! Ever since, the CT love has continued to grow and so has the makeup collection. And the main reason I go back to the brand over and over again? Purely the fact that I repurchase her products = mind BLOWN.

No but really, I never actually find myself religiously repurchasing many makeup products- usually it’s ‘just to try’ or because ‘I’ve heard it’s good’ but actually they never turn out to be all that. Sound familiar? But trust me- CT is alllll that. So today I’m going to list my top faves of hers and why you need them for yourself…


“The Dolce Vita” Luxury Palette 

The quad palettes are a lovely little design- perfectly sized and easy to take travelling or just to pop in your handbag. The ‘Dolce Vita’ is one of my absolute favourites as the colours can be used for both day and night-time looks (although I do usually reach for it when I’m after a smoky eye). That being said, the ‘prime’ shade can be used to effectively brighten your eyes, along with the ‘enhance’ shade to give a little depth. And to go the whole hog- a few swipes of ‘pop’ and ‘smoke’,  and you’ll be raring to go! The mix of coppers and bronzes will instantly spice up a simple eye look. 



image1 (4)
“The Dolce Vita”




From left to right: ‘Prime’, ‘Enhance’, ‘Pop’ and ‘Smoke’

And you know those eyeshadow palettes where there’s a good 8+ shades and you only use about three of them? Yep we all know what I’m talking about and to me it does seem a little excessive at times (plus there’s no way palettes that big are leaving the house in your bag)! That’s why these lil’ portable beauties are pretty damn perfect- they take up virtually no room, look adorable and you actually use all the shades… these quads are also available in a good few colour combinations to suit your individual taste! Check them out on Charlotte Tilbury’s website here


“Eyes To Mesmerize” in ‘Marie Antoinette’

This cream eyeshadow is the prettiest oyster-gold shade and it’s a lovely creamy formula that glides over the eyes like a dream. The pot design is also really sweet and a little product goes a long way! Hands down, the best cream shadow I’ve ever had- Shop the available colours here x

“Marie Antoinette”




“Colour Chameleon” pencils in ‘Amethyst Aphrodisiac’ and ‘Bronzed Garnet’ & “Rock n’ Kohl” liner in ‘Bedroom Black’ 

From top to bottom: ‘Colour Chameleon’ in “Bronzed Garnet”, ‘Colour Chameleon’ in “Amethyst Aphrodisiac”, and ‘Rock n Kohl’ in “Bedroom Black”

Now I don’t think I’ve ever really been too obsessed with eyeshadow sticks- until I met these little babies! I’m pretty sure I’ve repurchased all three of these about 4 times because they’re worn to bloody death! I’m always wearing at least one of them every single day (that’s love), and what’s so special, is that there’s a variety of colours in the range to suit every eye colour.

Now I know there are plenty of eyeshadows out there in every colour imaginable and there will be many that flatter every eye colour that exists, but these are just the best little products in every way and I’ve not turned to any other eyeshadow stick since encountering them!

First off, I purchased the ‘Colour Chameleon’s’ in ‘Amethyst Aphrodisiac’ and ‘Bronzed Garnet’ as they are the colours that are specifically designed for green eyes. Now there’s no rule that says you must have green eyes to purchase these colours- if you love bronze and you love purple then go for it (they’re more than likely to look lovely on you, but I do believe that the shades are made in a way to really flatter that particular eye colour it’s designed for. And it really is true! Both shades I wear really bring out the green in my eyes-whether I use them to achieve a smokey eye for going out or just a touch of colour for work. ‘

Bronzed Garnet’ is a beautiful bronze with red shimmers and ‘Amethyst Aphrodisiac’ is a fabulous sparkly purple which are both colour combinations that work well against green. All of the ‘Colour Chameleon’ pencils are also amazingly pigmented and infused with Synthetic Sapphire which gives a dazzling overall finish to all the shades. To check out what pencils will flatter your eye colour, click here x

The pencils have a lovely creamy formula so there’s none of that horrible dragging across the eyelid feeling that you can get with some eyeliners and it also means that they’re super blendable so you can create various different effects. For example, sometimes I like to sharpen them up and line my upper and lower lash line for a bit of definition and other times I like to build up the colour all over my lid and blend into the socket for a smokey going-out look.

The pencils are slightly on the chunkier side compared to your average eyeliner which is amazing because they can be used in so many different ways and definitely save application time! An extra bonus is that the colour doesn’t budge or smudge once set and dry- it literally lasts all day!

And finally (despite ranting on about the fabulous sparkly Colour Chameleon’s), you really can’t go wrong with a trusty black eye liner. And my go-to is definitely the ‘Rock n Kohl’ in ‘Bedroom Black’ which has a smooth gel-like formula in an intense black that glides onto the lid and can be smudged, flicked, blended or just simply applied as a normal liner pencil (except it looks like liquid) = magic. Click here to shop it, as well as the other colours available x

From left to right: ‘Bronzed Garnet’, ‘Amethyst Aphrodisiac’, ‘Bedroom Black’


“Instant Look In A Palette” in ‘Natural Beauty’

Right, so as you can see this palette is much loved. But clearly not as loved as the bronzer, as I completely hit pan on that months ago-so I can only apologize that I can’t swatch it! But you can take my word for it- it’s amazing. The fact that pretty much every makeup product you wear on your face is right in front of you in one palette, is the best. Especially if you are in a hurry and you need to just quickly swish round your face so you don’t look like death first thing in the morning- this is your best friend.

The nude champagnes and pinks are simple and pretty in this palette, and will be very suited to you if you have fair to light skin or would just like something for the daytime that will give you a natural, glowy look. There are a few other colour palettes to suit various skin tones, so check them out here to see what’s best for you  x

“Instant Look In A Palette” in ‘Natural Beauty’- from top left to top right: ‘Eye Brighten’, Eye Enhance’, ‘Eye Smoke’…from bottom left to bottom right: ‘Face Bronze’, ‘Cheek Swish’, ‘Cheek Pop’, ‘Face Highlighter Powder’


“Filmstar Bronze & Glow” in ‘Sun Tan and Sun Light’

“Filmstar Bronze & Glow” in shade ‘Sun Tan and Sun Light’

This is a fabulous sculpting palette in a lightweight cream formula that blends beautifuly into the skin. I’ve had right palava’s before with cream contour and bronzer where it just didn’t seem to want to do what I asked it to. It would either drag across my cheek bones and not blend (so I’m left with an unsightly dark line) or it would be overly pigmented and blend a bit too well,  so as to leave me with overly bronzed cheeks- not okay.

This is the perfect balance and now I’ve gotten used to it- I’ve nearly hit pan on the bronzer! I love to use this with an angled sculpting brush that also acts as a buffer to really work in the colour. The highlighter is also lovely and I dab that on the tops of my cheekbones for a glow x

I believe this was limited edition and I managed to pick it up on the Charlotte Tilbury website last year some time, so unfortunately as far as I’m aware it’s not available anymore however, her powder bronzers are also blinkin’ fabulous so check those out if you fancy…




“Matte Revolution” lipstick in ‘Pillow Talk’

Ah yes, the famous Pillow Talk. So I’ve left the best til last. Everyone that knows me well, knows that Mac’s ‘Velvet Teddy’ is my go to lippy. I wear it every single day and within a couple months or so of use, it’s down to a tiny stump and I’m desperately scooping the last precious remains out with a cotton bud! And don’t get me wrong it’s still a firm favourite but since trying Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Pillow Talk’ , I 100% have a close second fave (I might even go as far as saying it’s on par with Velvet Teddy). And that’s not something I thought I’d ever say! 


“Matte Revolution” in shade ‘Pillow Talk’


It’s a really gorgeous pinky nude but is a very unique sort of shade that I believe definitely flatters most skin tones. The formula is super creamy (let’s be honest, what isn’t creamy of CT’s), so it glides onto the skin smoothly and gives a great plump feeling to the lips. I loved the “Lip Cheat” in ‘Pillow Talk’ and couldn’t understand why it wasn’t made into a lipstick, so I was bouncing off the walls when the lippy was brought in! I was sold as soon as I wore this so I now officially have two favourite lipsticks in my life which makes me crazy happy. Click here to check it out on the CT website…

So there are my top favourites of CT’s at the moment and I hope it’s been helpful and given a good insight into her products and what they are like! Below I will list a few more of her products that I’ve tried and loved and perhaps you will too!

  • Lip Cheat in ‘Pillow Talk’
  • Full Fat Lashes in ‘Glossy Black’
  • Legendary Lashes in ‘Black Vinyl’
  • Magic Cream

Next to add to the collection, I’d love to try…

  • Filmstar Bronze and Glow in ‘Light-Medium’
  • Bigger, Brighter Eyes palette in ‘Exagger-Eyes’
  • Filmstar Bronze and Blush Glow…. if anyone’s tried any of these, do let me know! I’d love to hear all about them x

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and do let me know if you’ve tried any Charlotte Tilbury products? If so, what do you love? And if not, what would you like to try?

C  ♥


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6 thoughts on “My Slightly Unhealthy Obsession With Charlotte Tilbury (and why her products are so damn good)

  1. What a lovely in depth review of some of CTilbury’s products! I’ve tried her flawless powder, magic foundation and filmstar bronze & glow but wasn’t a huge fan. I love her packaging, but the products themselves weren’t great on me. Maybe I’ll give some of her face palettes and eyeshadow quads a try 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much! Oh that’s such a shame! At least you gave them a go- and yes her packaging is beauttifulll! Definitely give the eyeshadow quads and lipsticks/lip liners a try, they’re really good ☺️


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