My Go-To Pastel Outfit For Spring: All For Under £20

Heya peeps, 

So first of all- let’s talk Primark. The clothes they’ve got in at the moment for spring/summer are amazing, I honestly feel they get better and better every year. The items I’m posting about today make up the perfect casual outfit to throw on for when you’re popping out for lunch, or even just to run some errands..and it’s all for under £20! Yes seriously- Primark all the way my chums.

Springtime = pastels and pastels are my absolute fave so I certainly didn’t hang about on yanking those items off the rails and pegging it to the tills as soon as I clocked eyes on them (and to be honest, how could you not for the price!)

Now out of the whole outfit, my favourites are definitely the sliders and bag. First off, they’re pink so that’s obviously a yes from me already. But the fact that they’re simple yet chic,means that they can definitely go with a lot of different outfits to achieve different looks so I’m gonna be getting a load of use out of em’ this summer! The sliders can easily glam up a simple jeans and tee outfit in the day, but are also a lovely alternative to heels in the evening- win win!

I’ve also been on the hunt for an affordable circular bag for a while now, they’re everywhere at the moment in so many different summery colours but I’ve really not been wanting to spend too much on one and the majority that I have seen are easily £30+ ! So it was a blimmin’ miracle when I saw this lil’ beauty in Primark for £6! There was literally one bag left, on the bottom rail, at the back… (these are the times when being 4’10 comes in useful I suppose)? The zip and buckle are rose gold which is amazing (is it me or does rose gold just make everything that bit more satisfying?) and the tassle adds a really cute touch as well. So in a nutshell, Primark are winning.

What do you think, who else is a Primark lover? (outfit details below if you’d like to check out)

C  ♥

image1 (3)
Lilac Cami Vest £4
image2 (6)
Round Blush Bag £6
image1 (6)
Leggings £2.80
image1 (4)
Pink Ruffle Sandals £4

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