My Thoughts On Garnier’s Olia Range (and Everything You Need To Know About Purple Hair)

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Hey everyone! 

So today I thought I’d do a post on my recently found love for Garnier’s ‘Olia’ hair dye range, as well as a little insight into everything you may want to know about purple hair (and how I attempt to manage it!)

I’ve never really found myself routinely sticking to a specific hair brand when it comes to drugstore dyes, or hair in general to be honest. I very easily become bored with whatever I’ve been using and am constantly switching up products, even when I’ve actually been loving something. That urge to get to Superdrug to dive into the hair aisle and get a whiff of the new shampoo’s is all too much sometimes! That being said, when it comes to hair dyes I definitely do have a few favourites that I’ve repurchased a good handful of times.

As I’ve been colouring my hair since my early teenage years, it’s safe to say I’ve tried a lot of brands out there; from Schwartzkopf to Loreal to Superdrug’s own- and I’ve never really found a dye that I’ve particularly disliked.  I began dying it purple when I hit the age of about fifteen/sixteen and I just haven’t gone back! I’ve probably tried every single purple out there and I still can’t blimmin’ decide on a shade I’m happy to keep for very long (to be honest, I think I’m just very indecisive). I have to say though, I do have some firm favourites that I feel really deliver amazing colour results. So if you currently dye your hair purple or if you’re perhaps looking to, then do check out the links below as they’re personally my favourite shades (especially for darker hair that you aren’t wanting to bleach) x


  1. ‘LIVE Intense Colour + Lift L76 Ultra Violet’
  2. ‘LIVE Intense Colour 087 Mystic Violet’
  3. ‘LIVE Intense Colour 046 Cyber Purple’


  1. ‘La Riche Directions’ in ‘Rose Red’, ‘Dark Tulip’ and ‘Rubine’ – the results these colours give on dark, unbleached hair is so amazing, I’ve not ever tried a dye that provides me as bright a colour as these. I would definitely say that personally, they give me more vibrant reddy tones but I like to experiment and mix the shades together so I can achieve what I’m  after. (Oh, and the dye’s consistency is very similar to that of a hair mask so it leaves your hair in great condition)!

Okay, I’ve waffled for way too long- let’s get down to the nitty gritty: Garnier’s Olia Range! So the other week I was down Superdrug’s hair aisle as per, and I think it’s safe to say that I was there for a good 45 minutes (I know- effort right?) But, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do and I wasn’t leaving until I’d decided on the shade I wanted to try next. I was fancying a deep plum shade that still had vibrancy to it and I knew I wanted to give the Olia range a go, but there were so many beautiful colours, I struggled to decide! So in the end I settled on two to try out; shade ‘4.62 Dark Garnet’ and shade ‘4.26 Rose Violet’.

Left to Right: Garnier Olia ‘4.62 Dark Garnet’ and ‘4.26 Rose Violet’  Front: La Riche Directions ‘Rose Red’

‘Rose Violet’ was such a gorgeous colour on the box that I couldn’t not try that shade out first. Now I know the colour on the box doesn’t ever really give an accurate representation of how it’ll turn out on your hair, but I’m a sucker for things like that so it had to be done!

I’ll also say- the Olia developer bottle gave me the most satisfying application process I’ve ever had whilst dying my hair! It’s a cute round bottle that holds a lot more product than you think but is very lightweight and easily squeezable (if you dye your own hair, you’ll understand how much of a life saver it is to not have a developer bottle slipping through your hands and pinging across the other side of the room!)


So below are the results I had from ‘4.26 Rose Violet,’ which I was so pleased with-  it gave me a lovely deep plum colour that was really vibrant in the sunlight. I was also relieved it had given me the intensity I was after, as I’ve used dark dyes before that were extremely harsh. So on the whole, my first time Olia experience was definitely a good one and my hair was left in amazing condition after, which was a bonus as I know it can always be a bit of a worry to be left with brittle hair after a colouring sesh. But it was left looking shiny and healthy- so no worries there!


Here’s just a few little reminders about colouring your hair at home (which I always bear in mind myself too) x

  1. If in doubt, always consult a hair professional. Whether that’s about a specific brand you’d like to use, what’s best suited to your hair type or what the dye will turn out like on your natural colour- always go to the pro’s. It’s really not worth your hair when you could have asked a simple question to someone who knows their stuff.
  2. Always read the SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS poppets- this is so important, hair colourants can cause severe allergic reactions that can be life threatening. Always read the instructions on the box and again, consult a professional if you have any worries. Allergic reactions can be so so serious and it’s not worth it just to change your hair colour. There should always be an ingredients list as well, so if you have any allergies then you can check for those.
  3. Leading on from my last point, remember to patch test chicks! Details about this will be in the hair colourant leaflet but it’s so vital to do this- nobody wants a nasty reaction to something that could have been avoided by doing a simple test.
  4. Your base hair colour makes a huge impact on what the dye colour will turn out like, for example just because it turned out okay on one person’s hair does not mean it’ll be the same on yours. Everyone is different and it’s always best to check and be safe than sorry  x


Below are a few FAQ’s that I get asked quite a bit that will hopefully help out any of you who also have purple hair or who are looking to go purple!


Q. How do you keep your hair long and in good condition?

A. I always try to keep my hair looking and feeling healthy by making sure I use a good nourishing conditioner every time I wash my hair and then once a week I’ll leave a mask on for a good half hour as well.  The products I’m loving at the moment aren’t anything fancy but they’re amazing! I’m using Herbal Essences ‘Arabica Coffee Fruit’ shampoo and ‘Passion Flower & Rice Milk’ conditioner which are both crafted with an antioxidant fusion and smell DE-LISH. I couldn’t decide which one smelt better so I had to get one of each- you really can’t go wrong with good ol’ Herbal Essences can you?

I’m also a huge fan of HASKs and have been using these for a little while now- they’re seriously the best! They’ve got quite a few different ranges within the brand to suit different hair types but my favourites are the ‘Kalahari Oil’ mask which shields and replenishes colour treated hair and smells like melons (yum)… and the ‘Superfruit’ mask which is a deep conditioner for all hair types and contains papaya, acai berry and mangosteen oil- what’s not to like? As well as smelling fabulously fruity, they really do work their magic- my hair always feels insanely smooth and soft after using these. A bonus is that they’re not very expensive at all and the sachets last! A little bit of product goes a long way, I always get a good 3-4 uses out of these x

Q. How do you keep the colour so bright?

A. I don’t! There’s no point in sugar coating- it’s really hard to maintain purple or red hair and I’ve not met anyone who has had, it that has had an easy time with keeping it. Usually I just try to use colour protecting products and not wash my hair more than I need to- dry shampoo is literally my best friend. I also wash my hair in reasonably cold water as it helps to lock in hair colour and to be honest, I probably dye my hair more than I should. I really hate that rubbish stage where the colour starts fading out- I’m sure I’m not the only one who if they’re hair feels and looks sad, you feel kinda sad too, right? So I usually give in and grab a dye- I’d say I colour my hair every 4 weeks or so to keep it as vivid as I can.

Q. Do you bleach your hair to get the colour so bright?

A. No, I’ve never bleached my hair, I try to find brands that really deliver bright, shiny results without having to damage your hair with bleaching chemicals. I’ve also been dying my hair purply reds for a number of years now so I feel like I know what works for my hair and what doesn’t as well. There are plenty of amazing brands out there though that don’t require you to bleach your hair first to get bright results- LIVE XXL and La Riche Directions are my personal favourites for really vivid results. 

Q. Is your hair naturally dark?

A. No, my hair’s actually very light! Lots of people assume it’s dark underneath all the purple but it’s naturally a really light ashy brown (I haven’t seen it for about ten years!)

Q. Do you strip your old colour out before putting a new dye on?

A. No, I don’t use colour strippers or removers to get rid of dye, I usually just use a good coating of Head and Shoulders which really helps to remove as much colour from your hair as possible. You can do this over a period of days or weeks, I will usually sleep in a mask of H&S shampoo overnight for a number of nights which works pretty good  x 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, do let me know!

What do you guys think of purple hair? Too much drama to maintain? Or worth the hassle?

C β™₯


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