Spring/Summer Favourites I’ve Been Wearing A Lot Of (And Yes, They’re All Pink)


I thought I’d do a very mini post today, just about what I’ve been getting a lot of use out of the last few months and why I’m so in love with them! Yes, everything’s pretty much pink but it’s summer so it’s okay, I kind of have an excuse.


So shoes wise, I don’t think I’ve been wearing much else other than my peachy pink Adidas Gazelles during my time off work. I purchased these at the beginning of this year and they’re firm favourites in my trainer collection. Obviously mainly because they’re pink, but they’re actually a really comfy fit and weirdly seem to go with everything, which is surprising with the colour? But they’re quite a muted pastel so I think that’s why they work with things more often than not.

I also love my little duck brolly from Primark- is it cute or is it cute? It reminds me so much of Mary Poppin’s parrot umbrella, just not as blimmin scary! Sadly I got this at the beginning of the year so I’m unsure as to whether it’s still about in Primark anymore. I’ve also used it so much over the last few months of miserable UK weather we had earlier this year, that it’s battered and broken now, but I can’t stomach throwing it out haha (sad I know).


In terms of accessories, I’ve been wearing these baby pink enamel dipped hoops from Accessorize loads this season. They’re only simple silver hoops but the pink painted half gives them a really pretty edge that can be worn with daytime or evening outfits to spruce things up a bit.

Oh and I just can’t get enough of my pink tinted aviators people! I can’t remember for the life of me whether they’re from Topshop or Accessorize so I will link both possible pages at the end of this post, as there’s so many similar ones to choose from! But I’ve secretly been desperate for these to come back into fashion- did anyone else have the pink tinted Barbie sunnies back in the day with the heart shaped frames? Literally, I swear the early 2000’s was such a time to be alive, I so want those back in my life, no joke! Anyway, it seems like the pink tinted sunnies are in again and everywhere this year, so I can officially rock the Barbie vibes (just without feeling like I’m back in 2004).


On the beauty side of things, I’ve been spritzing myself down with Coco Mademoiselle ‘Moisture Mist’ virtually every day. I got this for Christmas and I absolutely love it- I use it on my skin fresh out of the shower and it soaks right in and leaves you with the yummy oriental scent of Mademoiselle all day long. You only have to use it sparingly as well- the fragrance is quite strong so just a little bit of spray will leave you wafting around smelling delicious and summery for hours.

So spring and summer means pastels are everywhere- and I loovvee pastels. To be honest I will wear them all four seasons of the year and not flinch twice, but I do feel like they’re officially kind of a summer colour. So even though I’m more of a winter girl, I do rate summery nails an awful lot. I’ve been treating my nails with Barry M’s ‘Mani Mask’ polish in ‘Birthday Suit’ the last few months and I’ve found that it works great as a base coat under coloured varnish, as well as just a sheer coating of nude to wear on it’s own. It claims to ‘camouflage, colour and condition’ which I really believe it does! It works fab as a base coat as it ‘conditions’ and ‘camouflages’ to give a clean, perfecting base for normal polish to go on top and the ‘colour’ is very effective for when you want to just let your nails breathe a bit but with an added pop of sheer nude!

And my all time favourite; O.P.I.  in ‘Funny Bunny.’ This is such a beautiful colour that I like to wear all year round just because it’s so basic and simple yet super pretty! It almost seems like a very pale pink shade (I think it’s bordering more on white) but it seriously goes with everything!

I will link all the products listed down below for you guys to check out, let me know what you think!

C β™₯

Adidas Gazelle


Pink Enamel Hoops


Pink Tinted Sunglasses from Accessorize


Pink Tinted Sunglasses from Topshop


Coco Chanel Mademoiselle Moisture Mist


Barry M Mani Mask in ‘Birthday Suit’


O.P.I. Nail Colour in ‘Funny Bunny’


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