My Venture Into The World Of Trousers


So today I wanted to talk a bit about trousers (riveting times), but more specifically – trousers for us smaller sized people in the world.

Now being 4’10 is a problematic situation. That may sound kind of ridiculous but the struggle is real- and I’m not just talking about finding clothes that fit. I’m talking about  the majority of daily activities; whether that’s jogging to keep up with people, pulling chairs up to the kitchen side to reach the biscuits, or having a special cushion to sit you higher whilst driving (let’s not talk about it)… they’re just a few of many things that us shorter ones have to conquer every day.

So you’d think there would be something that’s easy to do right? Well, finding clothes that even semi- fit ain’t one of em’ that’s for sure! Shopping is an absolute nightmare, online or in the actual shops, it never works out as planned and you usually come away with nothing but a pair of funky socks and some pj’s.

Now usually tops, jackets and jeans are okay to shop for. Usually. Sometimes they’re not quite the right fit or a bit on the loose side but it’s never too drastic that I can’t not wear it at all. Personally I’m a huge jeans and t-shirt kinda girl- Topshop Petite Denim is what I always tend to turn to and River Island also have life saving short legged jeans. So I stick to what I know and leave it at that but it can grow extremely tiresome. Once summer begins to rear it’s head, I have the overwhelming urge to purchase armfuls of beautiful floaty dresses and skirts, but go against it as I know full well everything I try on (that should be knee length), will be swinging down by my shins. And 99% of the time, that’s not the look I’m going for.

So it’s safe to say most trousers and jumpsuits are total write off’s, even from many shop’s ‘Petite’ sections. However this year I’ve been determined to step out of my jeans comfort zone and into the magical world of trousers and I think I love it. And the answer people – is Zara. I love love love this shop, they always have beautiful on-trend items in and I genuinely have to not look at their bag section online because guaranteed I will want them all. So I really cannot believe I’ve bypassed their trousers range until now. This discovery has been lifesaving because even though I’ve always been aware of their small sizes, for some reason it’s only recently clicked that it’d be worth checking out their trousers? I think it’s got to the point where I just completely ignore those sections as it’s not worth the time or energy, but that sure ain’t the case anymore as I know exactly where to go!


I really enjoyed wearing this outfit because first off- who doesn’t love polka dots (They’re my fave) – and secondly the trousers felt so summery! The difference between trying jeans with this top and sandals and then trying the trousers, is huge! I think it’s the floaty swishiness – I blinkin’ love it! It definitely adds a bit of summer jazziness to your wardobe and I know I’m going to get a load of use out of them this summer.

I will link Zara’s current trouser range down below for you to check out and hopefully you’ll also find something you like!

I’d love to know your thoughts on trousers and jumpsuits, do you struggle finding the right fit or can you easily shop for what you’re after?

C ♥

My Outfit Details

Trousers – Zara

Bandeau Top – Primark

Slip on Sandals – Primark

Bag – River Island

Sunglasses – Accessorize

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