Why It’s So Important To Surround Yourself With Things You Love

Heyy you lot!

After spending a really lovely weekend lounging in my PJ’s, binge watching Disney and whiling away valuable time with my loved ones, I thought what a perfect excuse to do my next post on all the little things that I enjoy doing, that make my everyday life that bit more special. Everyone has their own ways of chilling out and enjoying alone time, which I think is essential to have in your life, as we all know everyday routines can get hella crazy at times! Whether you’re at school, college, uni or work, everyone has their own individual work patterns that are jam packed with things to do, errands to run and deadlines to meet and it can seem virtually impossible to juggle all of that with home and social life as well!

Over the years, I’ve realised that it’s so important to ensure you take time out from everything to indulge in all the things that make you happy, big or small, as it’s so easy to be consumed and sucked into your daily work life – and that is just not okay! Well maybe it’s okay in small doses, but it can certainly become unhealthy and suffocating to constantly be obsessing over work, revision or deadlines. Which in my experience, then leads to a shed load of anxiety and irrational worry that really begins to control your life. And no one should allow things to get that far, which is why taking precious time to focus on everything you love, is so important.

So I’ve sat and pondered for a good few hours now, to try and narrow down everything I love into a ‘Top 10 Favourite Things To Do’ list which I’ve majorly struggled with people- (It’s only just dawned on me how much I’m blinkin’ obsessed with!)

So in no particular order, here are a few things that I love to do in my own time that make me as excited as a lil puppy!

Fluffy Heart Cushion (Primark) Hourglass Ambient Bronzer in ‘Radiant Bronze Light’ (Hourglass) Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation in ‘Medium’ (Becca) Pearlescent Clam Mug (New Look) English Breakfast Tea Tin (gift) Alice In Wonderland Card (gift) Unicorn Cupcakes (Asda) ‘Chip’ Cup (B&M)

1. Anything pink, fluffy or sparkly (not that that’s blatantly obvious or anything). Now I’m talking, clothes, jewellery, interior design, candles, home decรณr, flowers – the absolute lot! Basically all things cute, pretty and girly – you name it, I bloody love it! So even if my weekend off consists of aimlessly wandering round garden centres, homeware stores or gift shops, just to take pictures and go ‘ooo I love it!’ every five seconds, at something that’s even just the tiniest bit glittery- that’s me thoroughly happy and my weekend made up haha! It really is the little things in life I suppose eh?

2. My boyfriend– WARNING *here comes the cheese* There really is nothing more special in the world than sharing moments that appear to be just ‘ordinary’, with one of the most important people in your life. Those moments really do become the happiest memories, when they’re shared with the person you love. Simple activities such as going out to eat or long walks through the country, become hilarious adventures that just wouldn’t be the same with anyone else. My boyfriend is my best friend and someone I can trust and turn to when I need it the most and I feel ever so lucky to have him x (oh he also feeds me and can reach the top cupboard to get my biccies down which is just life saving, let’s be honest).

3. My family and friends- My family are so important to me, I have a very close relationship with my siblings and mum and I can never be away from them for very long! We’re all a bit mad but I bloody love it that way! Likewise, I love spending time with my besties, the days where you can sit doing absolutely nothing but still be rolling around in hysterics are just pure love, are they not? How you can be doing nothing, but having the best time- that’s how you know you’ve got some goodun’s. I have a handful of girlies who have stuck by me for many many years and who I can really count on, as well as make me laugh till I cry = GOALS.

3. Films and PJ’s – So this is my ultimate go-to relaxation remedy that I make sure I fit into my daily routine at all times! Is there anything more satisfying than getting out of a bubble bath, pulling on some fresh jim jams and settling into bed with a cuppa tea, packet of Rich Tea’s and ‘Moana?’ I don’t think there actually is.

Flamingo ‘Rose and Marshmallow’ Candle (Very) Girl and Deer Card (Paperchase) Polka Dot Ribbon (Paperchase) Unicorn Plate (New Look) ‘Velvet Teddy’ Lipstick (Mac) Heart Decoration (Etsy)

4. Dogs- Okay so anyone who knows me well knows that I am obsessed with all doggos in the world. No matter what breed, size, colour, or fluff, I will be running towards any dog I see in the street before you’ve even noticed it yourself. I just can’t resist them, they have so much love to give and literally revolve their lives around us humans so it’s only right that we give them the love and attention they deserve, right? Plus their cute factor is a sky rocketing gazillion, so who can honestly stop themselves from squidging them Idk. Those of you that can resist, I hail you- you have some serious willpower!

Of course my absolute favourite little fluffehh is my chihuahua, Maisy. She’s the best little dog in the world, so blinkin’ fluffy and is so full of love it makes me feel all fuzzy! She sleeps with me snuggled up every single night, and even though I always see her as a little puppy, she’s actually already 10 and I forget that she’s getting on now, bless her! She’s always down for cuddles and she also loves a cheeky half of a Rich Tea I’ve noticed; like owner, like dog as they say…

5. Food-  I could eat for England. (Pretty sure I could give that guy from Man vs Food a run for his money I reckon). One of my favourite things to do is definitely find new places to go out to eat with my boyfriend and when I say ‘find new places’, I usually mean anywhere that has burgers and fries. It’s usually just a case of finding where do the best burgers and fries haha! I’m not exactly adventurous when it comes to food, but I’m also not too fussy either (just not a fan of anything sushi related or fishy, or healthy in general to be honest). But what’s wrong with sticking to your generic cheese and bacon beef burger, skinny fries with an extra side of sweet potato fries and lashings of mayo? I think it’s a wise decision.

‘Peter Rabbit’ Pj top (Primark) Clam Pin (Etsy) Aladdin Coasters (Primark) Mermaid Card (Paperchase)

6. Playing around with outfits and makeup looks- This is something I’ve been doing for years and I genuinely really enjoy it! I love to sit and just plan any outfits that I think may suit certain events or upcoming days out and it’s a very good mind clearing tactic as well. Sometimes I feel like there’s always so many thoughts and ideas going round in my head, that I just need to get it all out and actually make it happen. It’s the same with makeup, I love endlessly browsing through Pinterest for new makeup looks to try out- it’s just so satisfying! Can I say as well- Pinterest has been an obsession of mine for quite a few years now and if ever I want a relaxing afternoon in, I will sit with a cuppa, and pin hundreds of outfits and makeup looks to my boards (whilst also planning my future wedding whilst I’m at it –  lol I joke). It’s definitely my favourite app, and is extremely handy to spark new ideas!

7. Blogging- So I haven’t been blogging for too long, but I feel like I’ve done it forever! It’s something I’m so pleased I took up, as it’s a hobby I can do in my spare time that allows my passions to shine through? (And if that wasn’t the cheesiest sentence ever, I don’t know what is). But I really do love planning and writing up blog posts that I hope will be enjoyable and helpful to you as well, I suppose it’s like a lil’ personal portfolio isn’t it? Like a written journey? (It’s getting deep). I’m also a lover of taking photos of just about anything and everything, so creating my blog’s photography is just the icing on the cake to be honest!

8. Wintertime (aka CHRISTMAS!! *internal screaming*) – Winter is my favourite season of the year without a shadow of a doubt, I don’t think there’s a single thing that I actually dislike about it! Yes it’s ridiculously cold and dark and all round a bit grim but I personally think it’s ‘the most wonderful timeee of the yearrr, ding dong, ding dong’ (sorry). It’s just pretty damn magical in my opinion and the Christmas celebrations always start in September in our house! (Well when I say that, I mean I begin the celebrations, I think it’s safe to say my Mum refuses to get in the festive spirit that early!) I just love the cosy atmosphere that comes with winter, especially with the countdown to Christmas! You just can’t get much better than Christmas trees glittering with baubles, The Pogue’s on the radio, hot chocolate topped with whipped cream and marshmallows, cosy coats, knitted scarves, The Polar Express, garden centre’s lavished with sparkly decorations and yummy eggnog.

What Im tryna get at here, is that I definitely secretly check out my Christmas Pinterest board way more than I should (especially since we’re in the middle of a heatwave- whatthehellamIdoing.com).

9.  Lists- Lists are my best friend, they sort my life out and basically force me to get off my bum and do something productive. Now, I easily make about two lists a day (usually because I haven’t completed what I needed to on my first list,  but that’s a whole other kettle of fish). Even if it’s something as simple as ‘get work clothes sorted for tomorrow’ or ‘paint toenails’, I like to know what I need to do as I have the memory of a goldfish and need reminding of the little things. It’s definitely my way of getting stuff done and making sure my head is clear of all the nonsense that goes on up in that noggin of mine!

10.  Dunking biscuits in tea and more specifically- tea- a pretty standard activity I’ll admit, but definitely something that I specialise in. If anyone needs to know the dunking time of a Digestive, I’m ya gal.

So there we go, a few lil’ things that I genuinely really enjoy doing in my own personal time, that make me a very happy bunny indeed.

What do you love to do in your spare time to relax? Do you have certain hobbies that make you fuzz with excitement? And who’s a winter person? (Pls don’t say I’m the only one haha!) X

C โ™ฅ



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