The Secret To Shimmering Glowy Skin (Because Who Doesn’t Wanna Sparkle Like A Unicorn)?

Hello lovelies,

Today’s post is all about Frank Body and if you haven’t yet heard of Frank and the magical goodness that the brand brings then first of all, you’ve been missing out on life ITSELF and secondly, you’re about to find out…

Frank is the brand of many yummy natural products (for body and face) that are all Australian made and owned. Oh and that also contain coffee which is just a fabulous added bonus, agreed? Everything is also cruelty free which means zero animal testing was involved in the making of these products which in my eyes, makes the brand all the more amazing.

Personally though, the best thing about this brand, is that there is just so much to choose from! There are plenty of coffee scrubs to suit your individual taste for example, peppermint and coconut coffee scrub (if you’re after something slightly more exciting than just plain ol’ coffee) and body balms and butters depending on what you prefer to moisturise with! And oh my goodness, the smells of the scrubs are just de-lish. I’m yet to try the body cream and facial skincare but so far, I am insanely chuffed with the scrubs and can’t stop repurchasing! A little goes a long way as well, so a packet lasts a good few months which is very handy. It’s also an added plus that the packaging of Frank’s products are the cutest ever – big fan I am!

And if you find yourself adoring Frank’s products, then you’ll be pretty damn pleased to know that there are a selection of products that are available as a set of two or three different items at an affordable price (yes please!) So do check out the website here and see what you fancy! It’s seriously good stuff. Anyways, let’s get down to the nitty gritty (yay, a pun).

Frank Body: Shimmer Bomb Kit

Now as I’m writing this post, I’ve realised that this shimmer kit is currently sold out on the Frank Body website, which says all it needs to say right? Babes cannot get enough of this, so do keep an eye out for a restocking and have a little look to see if any of the products are available to purchase individually!


So as you can see from above, I am a huge fan of this gorgeous shimmer scrub. Just look at how I’m gazing longingly into the pouch- that’s true love right there. Whenever I want a bit of glitz, this is definitely my go-to as all you need to do is literally stand in the shower, coat yourself in the glittery goodness, wait for three minutes as the exfoliator gets to work and then rinse off to reveal glowy, smooth, unicorn- like skin! It’s perfect for an evening out or even just to look extra beaut in the sun this summer! It’s such a godsend to not have to buff highlighter into your shoulders or down your shins to get that lovely shimmer before a night out. When you have this in your life, all you need to do is scrub, rinse and go (which is perfect for me as I’m always running late anyway!) Oh and the smell is heavenlyyy.

image1 (2)
‘Pink Fluffy Cushion’: New Look ‘Pearlescent Clam Mug’: New Look ‘Pearl Necklace’: Primark
image2 (2)
‘Miss Etoile Trinket Dish’: Homearama ‘Pearl Earrings’: Primark (as part of set) ‘Large (Vintage Style) Earrings’: Topshop

image3 (1)

‘Frank Body Shimmer Scrub’

So the next lil’ beauty from this kit is the ‘magic shimmer oil’ which is a really lovely light oil that is to be shaken up and then applied wherever you’d like, to achieve a gorgeous sunkisssed glow that can be built up to your desire (depending on how shimmer laden you’re wanting to look!) It’s a really beautiful oil that smooths and moisturises your skin as well as leaving a golden glisten (perfection? Yes.)

‘Frank Body Magic Shimmer Oil’

And finally, Frank’s illuminator, which is basically a little pot of heaven. It’s a glowing balm that’s creamy and easy to dip, dab and blend anywhere and everywhere you fancy to give a highlighted dewy look which is so so gorgeous and like the ‘shimmer oil’, can be built up to achieve your desired effect. I’ve found that it’s especially effective on the tops of my cheekbones, collarbone and across the top of my shoulders. Below are the swatches of these three holy grail products for you to see x


Left: ‘Frank Body Illuminator’ Middle: Frank Body Magic Shimmer Oil’ Right: Frank Body Shimmer Scrub’

How cute is this card? I’m so so obsessed with it! It has no real purpose to this post other than the fact that it’s glittery and beautiful like Frank’s shimmer scrub- also I love the moon and I aspire to one day have long pink hair like this girl’s and I also want a seal as a best friend. That is all.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this post my petals! Have any of you tried Frank Body products? If you have what are your favourites? If you haven’t yet encountered them, are you going to check out the website to see what tickles your fancy?

Also if anyone’s tried Frank’s facial skincare, please do let me know what it’s like! I’d love to know x

C β™₯

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