How I’ve Styled My Favourite Leopard Print Outfit For Summer

Hey guyssss!

Now today I want to talk a little about leopard print which is a trend that is absolutely everywhere right now. Whether that’s online, in stores or on social media, it seems everyone’s jumping on the bandwagon when it comes to this fashion trend and I don’t know about you but pics of leopard print outfits are plastered all over my Instagram feed! Now this is fabulous in my eyes, because leopard print is quite possibly my favourite print (or at least on par with polka dots perhaps-can’t decide!), so the fact that it’s in this summer is just even more of an excuse to wack out the ol’ leopard items I’ve got kicking around in my wardrobe.

So I’m not going to lie, I used to be pretty scared of animal print clothing and accessories. It’s something I’ve always loved the idea of but haven’t always been brave enough to try pull off. It wasn’t necessarily because I wasn’t sure on the outfit or anything like that, but purely because of the worry of what others may think of me in a loud pattern or something that was a little different to what everyone else was wearing. Now saying that out loud sounds silly but it’s true- in my younger years I definitely liked to play it low-key when it came to fashion. Anything girly, floral or pink was right up my street (so in fairness nothing has changed) but I do feel like I have grown to come out of my lil’ ‘fashion shell’ and be confident in what I love. The last three or four years or so, I have taken the plunge into the world of ‘I just don’t care anymore’, or in other words- ‘If I like it, I’m going to wear it and feel amazing in it, no matter what others think.’

Now this is probably starting to sound a little deep, I’m aware we’re just talking about clothes- but they’re not just clothes. In my eyes, your fashion sense and what you choose to style on yourself is your own special individuality shining through and what’s more beautiful than your own personal fabulous-ness that no one else has? In a world where everyone seems to look the same, it’s so lovely and refreshing to be yourself and own what you love as a person- because who wants to be like everyone else anyway?

Now as many people have guessed by now, I am obsessed with all things pink and fluffy and quite a lot I’ll get ‘another fluffy jacket?’, ‘everything you own is pink’ or ‘you look like a little round pom pom in that’ – so these are usually just little comments from family or friends that are not mean comments in any way and not something that affect me or my way of thinking, but they are definitely things that are noticed quite a lot. But the fact that that is you and that is what makes you happy, is something so special that shouldn’t ever be perceived negatively. I guess what I’m getting at here, is that over the years I have grown to not worry so much about loud statement pieces or quirky fashion items. If I want to dress like a pink, fluffy, candyfloss tuft- I will and I’ll enjoy every moment of it as well. If I love it and feel comfortable in it then who cares! Everyone should love their own little quirks!

So anyway, moving back onto leopard print- in short, I’m pretty obsessed and I think it’s just such a pretty pattern for summer (although I’m definitely a culprit of wearing it in winter time too). Here’s how I’ve created my favourite leopard print summer outfit…


I’m a big fan of layering and if an outfit isn’t looking quite right or I’m just not loving something in particular, I will keep going and make it work! Usually, I’ll resort to a bit of layering and yes, that can work in summer too! Well, as I like to call it- ‘light layers’ because let’s be honest- this heat is too much to be thinking about anything thicker than a t shirt (ew). So this outfit is the perfect example. I managed to purchase this playsuit (which is often mistaken for a dress as it has a skort like effect) off of Depop -brand new! I fell in love with it and it fit perfectly when it arrived! Now on it’s own, it very much looks like an evening outfit, being strapless and especially with the addition of the sweetheart neckline too. As the months passed, I found myself not finding the right occasion to wear this to which was gutting as it’s such a lovely quirky item. However it was just hung on my clothes rail looking pretty. So anyway, I thought right enough is enough, let’s get this bad boy off it’s hanger and see what can be done with it! And so this little summery outfit was born (well, was pretty much thrown together tbh), but seems to work rather well all the same!


The simple little trick I’ve used is I’ve popped a thin bardot crop top underneath the playsuit to create a bit more of a casual, daytime look and paired it with some chunky raffia sandals which have the cutest little bows on! (Winning!) I’ve then teamed the outfit with some simple rose gold accessories; my sunnies, jewellery and the chain handles on my bag, which I think really pulls the outfit together and creates a bit of edge. And that’s that! I actually think this outfit would work for a lovely meal out in the evening also or even for some drinks with the girls!


That being said, this playsuit would be just as effective dressed up as a more glamourous look, just by wearing on its own with a pair of classy black court heels and a leather jacket. And that goes for all the tons of leopard print items that are out there at the moment- there’s plenty of playsuits, camisoles, dresses and skirts to choose from that can easily be dressed up or down so you can get the most out of your leopard print! However you may choose to style it, the pattern will be an amazing statement piece that will look gorgeous through the summer months. I’ve also seen so many printed accessories such as hairscarves, earrings and bags, that would add a quirky touch to any outfit if you prefer to keep things minimal! (I will also list my outfit details at the end of this post) x


So how do you feel about leopard print? Are you loving all of the pieces that are on the market at the moment or do you choose to steer away from loud prints? If so, would you ever give it a go and if not what are your favourite patterns to wear? I’d love to know your thoughts petals x

C  ♥

Outfit Details

Playsuit – Topshop (purchased from Depop)

Raffia sandals – Nasty Gal

Bag- River Island

Bardot crop top – Pretty Little Thing


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