The Sub(Lyme) Life: A Review On A Rather Miraculous Prescribed Skincare Tablet That Cleared My Skin For Good

Hello my gorgeous glitterbugs,

Today I’m talking all about skin (I know what you’re thinking- corrr what an absolute treat Court) but I don’t mean any old skin- I’m talking the worst skin that someone could possibly be cursed with; as in hard, painful under-the-skin lumps and raging sore spots that never pop (and when they do, they throb and scar and look 10x worse than before). You were warned.

Now many of you out there have probably never experienced such horrors in your life and I’m telling you now- you are truly blessed my friend. Having suffered with terrible skin throughout my younger years, I can honestly say it is one one of the most horrible experiences a young adult could go through and yes that sounds extreme and I’m aware we’re talking about spots right now but, it’s true. If you have suffered with acne or currently do, you’ll understand. It’s 100% one of the biggest confidence knockers you’ll ever endure and is something that gradually chips away at your self esteem, annihilating any hope of ever having even remotely clear skin.

In terms of skincare, I’ve personally been through the absolute lot (if you’ve stumbled across my skincare post from a little while ago, you’ll know all about this). Ive tried products that work for a while and then lose their effect, products that don’t do anything at all and products that have made my skin way worse. I now know what does and doesn’t work for my skin and again- in my previous skincare post, I go through all the lotions and potions that I swear by and can’t possibly live without (so do check that out if you’re interested)!

So I hit an awful stage with my skin at the beginning of my final year of university, a couple of years ago. I thought it was a phase, stress perhaps or hormones running a bit wild with everything that was going on. However a month went by and my skin wasn’t better in the slightest, in fact it seemed as if it was getting worse (which was a horrifying thought as it was at its absolute worst by this point). After splashing out on skin clearing products that swore to banish acne and leave you with fresh, clear skin and having zero results with them, I resorted to the option I had been putting off doing for a while. The doctors option.

Now it’s not as if I’d been ashamed to go to the doctors or anything like that, but I almost felt as if I’d be wasting their time with my skin ‘issues’, when they obviously have much bigger fish to fry. However it had really got to an awful point where I would be crying over the state of my skin and grimacing in pain every time I smiled or spoke- the acne caused that much discomfort! So after plucking up the courage to book an appointment with my GP, I trundled to my surgery with the tiniest little bit of hope that he may prescribe me with something miraculous.

Long story short, he examined my face and asked me if the acne hurt and if so, how much. He also felt to see if it spread elsewhere or if it was solely just my face affected. I showed him pictures on my phone of the days when I’d had huge flare ups and filled him in on how long I had been suffering with it. I also told him all about how I had tried a copious amount of products to try and settle down my skin (even a little bit), with no luck.

So anyway, after a discussion, he offered me a prescription of ‘Lymecycline.’ ‘Lyme what?’ That’s what you’re thinking right? Well that’s exactly what was going through my mind too. But I can honestly say it’s the best word I ever heard at a GP appointment, because this was the moment that changed my skin’s life.

In short, it’s an acne fighting antibiotic tablet that works to tackle the bacteria inside out. He advised to give it a good few weeks, maybe even a month or so, to see any visible results, so off I went to retrieve my prescription, with a little jig in my step from the excitement of a potential life saving little pill.

And my friends, if bothering myself to get to my GP for help with my skin, wasn’t the best decision I ever made, I don’t know what is. A few days of taking this tablet and I began to feel the pain lessening from my face as my acne was already beginning to settle from deep within. I mean it was almost like it was too good to be true, the effect was so quick and amazing.

The weeks went by and my skin was 100x better already, my acne was still present but no where near as horrendous as it was before. My confidence was already picking up at this point and I’d find myself actually wanting to get up and out of the house, because my skin was no longer something that was holding me back! A few months down the line and my face was the clearest and healthiest it had ever been – seeing completely clear skin when looking in the mirror, made me want to cry with joy, it was just so miraculous! And to this day, I’m going strong with it and it definitely still helps to keep acne at bay. Sure I’m struck by sudden hormonal outbursts from time to time, but it’s not anything like the horrors I was taunted with a few years ago.

Since then I have also been prescribed with ‘Differin gel’, a gel that works to combat acne – which really helps when you’re after a quick acne fighting treatment to apply to your skin, perhaps if you have just a couple spots here and there. I tend to use this at night under a light moisturiser and it works a treat!

So, I guess what I’m getting at here, is don’t feel like you can’t approach your GP when your skin is really getting you down because it can be helped and they will give you advice to help manage your acne. It’s the best trip to the GP I’ve ever made, the results were incredible – so it’s always well worth the ask.

I must stress that this is a prescribed medication that cannot be bought in stores so do always try to get advice from your doctor if you have any queries or concerns, as they are the professionals that know best. Medications also have different effects on different people so what may have worked for me, may not necessarily work as effectively for you and vice versa, but that’s where getting top advice from your doctor comes in.

I hope this has given you an insight into the option of prescription medication for acne prone skin and how it can really help clear up blemishes that are painful and getting you down. Bad skin can control your life in ways you didn’t know were possible but have faith in knowing there are always options out there. I have read so many reviews from other bloggers that have suffered or do suffer with bad skin and have been prescribed with acne medication that I’d never heard of in my life- so there is plenty out there to try. If in doubt, always get advice from your GP. It may be the best thing you’ll ever do x

Thank you for reading lovelies, speak soon

C x


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