The 5 Summer Fragrances You Need On Your Dressing Table

Hello lush’s! Hope you are well x 

So before summer draws to an end, I wanted to squeeze in a post on my top 5 favourite summery scents that I’ve been relentlessly wearing (so you can perhaps get your mitts on em’ whilst we still have a little bit of summer left)! They’re all beautiful fragrances that I just can’t get enough of so if you haven’t checked them out already- then you must! I will link them below so you can have a look β™₯


  1. Yodeyma Paris Temis EDP’ is one of my absolute favourite perfumes which I believe isn’t solely a summer scent but it definitely has that light floral smell that is gorgeous for the summer season. It’s a very oriental scent with top notes of ‘ginger flower’, heart notes of ‘water jasmine’ and base notes of ‘vanilla’, which makes for a truly yummy fragrance! It also stays on your skin all day long and if sprayed on clothes, then you’ll definitely get a waft of it every now and again when moving around. It’s also very similar in scent to Paco Rabanne’s ‘Olympea’ so if you love that- you’ll love this too!

thumbnail_image4 (1)

2. ‘Coco Chanel Mademoiselle EDP’ is an all time favourite that I go back to time and time again- it’s a classic that I feel is appropriate for pretty much any occasion!  I use it more so through the summer season as like ‘Yodeyma Temis’, it’s an oriental, fresh fragrance that’s light enough to spritz in warm weather. Notes include, ‘orange’, ‘Jasmine’, ‘Rose’ and ‘Patchouli’, which create a gorgeous, feminine scent. (I’ve also discovered that New Look have a perfume called ‘Blush’ which smells so similar to ‘Mademoiselle’ it’s unreal! So definitely worth checking out!)

thumbnail_image1 (1)


3. ‘Lancome La Vie Est Belle Florale EDT’ is a fresh and fruity scent that is just so yummy to wear- you honestly have to smell it to understand! As soon as I spritzed this, I was hooked and it’s one of those fragrances you can’t stop loving? You know when there’s always that perfume you repurchase again and again and you never get tired of it? ‘La Vie Est Belle Florale’ contains top notes of, ‘Bergamot’ and ‘Pink Pepper,’ heart notes of, ‘Orange Blossom Absolute’ and ‘Rose’ and base notes of, ‘Iris’ and ‘Patchouli’ so you can just imagine how gorgeous this is! It sticks around all day long which is amazing as there’s nothing more disappointing as a perfume that doesn’t last past lunchtime! It’s quite similar to the original ‘La Vie Est Belle EDP’,  but personally I would say it isn’t as strong or powerful. It definitely has a touch more ‘floral’ (hence the name) but is still quite sweet, so if I had to sum it up in a few words, it’d be ‘warm’ ‘sweet’ and ‘sugary’. Yes, sugary probably sounds a bit odd but trust me, this scent is blinkin marvellous!

thumbnail_image7 (1)

4. ‘See by Chloe Si Belle EDP’ Now sadly, I think this has been discontinued but I’ve managed to find it on a few fragrance websites online, so I think it’s still kicking about- just worth doing a bit of browsing! It’s another gorgeous long-lasting scent- fresh and sparkling- with top notes of ‘neroli’ and ‘birch leaf’, heart notes of ‘gardenia’ mixed with ‘orange blossom’ and a base of ‘white musk,’ which is just blinking yummy if you ask me! One of my firm favourites for summer- its fruity, citrus-ness is so amazing to waft around in this season!

thumbnail_image6 (1)

5. ‘Next Summer Sun EDP’ is the number 1 holiday fragrance you neeeed to take away with you this summer! I believe it’s fairly new in Next stores and online, but I’d say this is the only one out of my fragrance collection that is probably solely for this season- I don’t know if it would have quite the same effect in winter. The main notes in it are basically coconut, coconut, and more coconut; a rich, zesty scent mixed with ‘sweet caramel’ and ‘amber’ which gives it a strong, sweet ‘holiday’ smell that literally just makes me think of the beach! You know that feeling when you get up early in the morning on holiday, and you get all fresh and ready for your day ahead and then a good ol’ spritzing of perfume before you leave your hotel room in ya flip-flops and beach wrap? That general fresh, holiday smell that fills you with summery memories? This is that perfume! I’m making sure to stock up on it before summer ends, as I want to make sure I have some boxed up for next year just in case Next don’t bring it back next year!

And there you have it; my top 5 favourite fragrances that you definitely need to get ya hands on before summer ends! I hope you find some that you love!


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