The Cutest Homeware Range Next Has Ever Brought Out (That I’m Completely In Love With!)

Hello lovelies,

Hope you are all well x

So today I am desperate to talk about the prettiest little home items I’ve picked up from Next recently – which I’m fairly confident you will all also love and need in your homes immediately! I think I may have had a bit of a mini meltdown the first time I saw the range (which basically resorted to me impulsive buying random bits and bobs I just don’t need) but I can confidently say that I don’t regret it one bit! So, worth it right?


So I managed to get my hands on three absolutely beautiful items that I’m actually a bit too scared to use as they are just too perfect! These were my favourite picks from the range that I thought all worked really well together and would look fabulous on a dresser or chest of drawers to add some chic vibes.

The first item is a blinkin’ gorgeous trinket pot which is a reasonably large size which is so ideal for pretty much anything you’d like to use it for! Jewellery, cotton balls, hair grips- it’s just a great multi-purpose storage pot for whatever you fancy! The fabulous lashes which are the main focus on this range, (and that I wish I had myself), give a sophisticated, classy, yet adorable touch to your bedroom and the gold details add extra prettiness! I just can’t get enough of it all!


Next up (scuse’ the pun) – is a beautiful dish with gold trim detailing which is fab for storing any little bits and bobs such as rings and earrings- but to be honest it looks so amazing on it’s own, that I don’t think it even needs to have a purpose!


And lastly, my absolute favourite is a pastel striped vase that is just the cutest thing going! Like the others, it’s quite a multi-purpose item which is really handy to have around the home! So for example it would obviously work perfect for holding flowers, but also for storing makeup brushes perhaps! Don’t you think!? I do have to say, I bloody love how the vase looks with a flower popped in though- is it me or does it just look like massive hair? Haha! However unlike the other two items, I feel like the vase would work pretty much anywhere in the home; bedroom, bathroom, lounge- wherever you’d want it to go, it would likely work there!

They’re just really beautiful classy pieces that add instant chic and sophistication to your home (whilst looking ultra cute and girly) – yes pleassee!


I’ve also just had a sudden realisation on how similar this range is to ‘Miss Etoile’ (which if you haven’t heard of by the way – you must 100% click above and find out)- it’s insanely beautiful! So to find a similar range in Next was a bloody dream as I’m a huge fan of Next’s affordable prices – anyone else? All three items were a little over £20 in total which I think is an amazing cost for a range that looks so luxurious and expensive! I will link the items below for you to check out petals, I hope you enjoy!

Thank you for reading! x

C  ♥

Ceramic Eyelash Jewellery Dish £4.50 Next

Eyelash Trinket Pot £10 Next 

Novelty Eyelash Vase £7 Next 

thumbnail_image10 (1)

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