My 3 Favourite Bobbi Brown Purchases (That You Very Much Need)

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Hope you’re all well x

Today’s post is all about my new found love for Bobbi Brown and hopefully this will be a good insight into a few of her products so if you’re perhaps looking to try out some of them yourself, then this may be of some use to you!

So up until very recently, I haven’t really ever properly given Bobbi Brown makeup or skincare a go. I think it’s always something I’ve been meaning to do, but have just never got round to it or some other brand has tickled my fancy. I’ve forever been wanting to get my hands on the famous bestselling primer; ‘Vitamin Enriched Face Base,’ after seeing so many bloggers and Youtuber’s rave about it, but other creams and moisturisers (that are a little more affordable), have always been my go-to’s instead. The one other product I’ve been dying to try out is Bobbi Brown’s ‘Shimmer Brick Highlighter,’ (which comes in various different shades to suit your skin tone and they just look so dreamy it’s unreal). But again, it’s something I’ve not really given a chance and I’ve always ended up resorting back to my usual favourites.

So anyway, a few months ago I was browsing through Bobbi Brown’s website, where loads of her products were on amazing offers and I really do mean amazing (as well as free delivery on your order). Okay so obviously this was a no-brainer and I completely took this opportunity to treat myself because ya know, ‘it was on offer so it doesn’t count right?’ Well I have to say it was a cheeky but successful online shop, as I managed to grab three fabulous bargains that I don’t regret one little bit!


As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been desperately meaning to try out Bobbi Brown’s Shimmer Bricks, however I’ve always found something else that’s somehow had the edge at that moment in time for whatever reason, and then that’s that. So anyway, I was scrolling through the highlighters and I came across Bobbi Brown’s ‘Highlighting Powder in Pink Glow’ which I’m not even kidding people, was even more dreamy than the shimmer bricks. I mean not only was it in my favourite colour (aka, pink if you hadn’t guessed) but the texture just looked so gorgeous and silky smooth. So, straight onto online reviews I went, and the results that popped up were so beautiful that I didn’t think twice about popping that straight in my basket! The highlighter looked like it gave such a luxurious sheen that was subtle, natural and didn’t contain any heavy shimmer or glitter, which is exactly what I love. It just seemed to give that healthy ‘lit within’ glow, that’s ideal for an everyday makeup look, that can also be gradually built up for a glam evening effect. In a nutshell =PERFECTION.

And it really didn’t disappoint either! As soon as that product hit my face I was hooked I tell ya, and it’s 100% my new favourite highlighter (that I can’t believe I’ve gone all this time without trying)! Seriously obsessed- I feel like these lil’ highlighters aren’t talked about enough! (I also bet the other colours are gorgeous, so they’re definitely worth a look into if you’re in need of a new highlighter)!… Or even if you’re not, because let’s be honest -as if we should need a reason to buy a new highlighter right?


So next up : skincare. Now I can’t for the life of me remember whether these next lil’ goodies were add-on gifts at the checkout or whether they were miniatures to actually purchase, but they somehow ended up in my basket anyway (who knows how that happened eh?) But basically I managed to finally try out the bestselling ‘Vitamin Enriched Face Base,’ in an adorable 15ml form! (How cute! And also such a good idea for when you’re just wanting to trial the product!) I think what may have happened, is a 15ml pot of the primer was available to purchase at the time (which I can’t seem to find on there currently), and then I selected the 7ml ‘Hydrating Face Cream’ as my little complimentary sample at the checkout (which you get with an order online).

So all in all; I got a blinkin’ good deal and turns out- I’m a huge fan of both the creams! And the fact that I got my mitts on tiny travel sized pots to test out makes it even better! (But don’t be fooled, I will 100% be purchasing the mega pots at some point in the near future). So I’m a very happy bunny and am so so pleased I finally took the plunge into the world of Bobbi Brown! (And so you don’t have to read my waffle for much longer), below I have listed the main points on why I love each product along with their amazing effects and benefits that I can personally really notice! X


Bobbi Brown ‘Highlighting Powder in Pink Glow’

  • A gorgeous pearly pink shimmer with no chalkiness or chunky glitter
  • Silky soft texture that glides beautifully across the skin
  • Long-lasting
  • Gives a radiant, healthy glow
  • Can be built up to achieve a ‘strobe-like’ effect

Bobbi Brown ‘Vitamin Enriched Face Base’

  • A fabulous skin-perfecting base for makeup application
  • A primer + moisturisation
  • Rich but not greasy
  • Leaves skin feeling plump and cushiony
  • Hydrates and softens the skin with Shea Butter


Bobbi Brown ‘Hydrating Face Cream’

  • Great for ‘normal skin’
  • Rich but lightweight (no greasiness)
  • Skin is left feeling plump
  • Can be applied under makeup
  • Instantly hydrates and nourishes (great for those dry days!)

So tell me, have you tried anything from Bobbi Brown (and if you have), what products of hers do you absolutely love?

And if you haven’t, what do you fancy trying?

Thank you for reading!

C β™₯

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