The Perfect ‘Autumn Starter’ Outfit

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So today I thought it’d be quite useful to do a post on what to wear in this really in- between weather we have to endure at the beginning of autumn. The answer to that, is I don’t have a bloody clue. If anyone actually knows- then please do throw me some ideas because I’m always a clueless mess around this time of year. It’s just that awkward few weeks during September and start of October, where we’re all fumbling around in our wardrobes trying to find an outfit that would be suitable for potentially all weather, because lets be honest, the UK weather does what it likes and you could be leaving the house in the morning wrapped up like an eskimo, and then be sweltering and stripping off by lunchtime.

I don’t know about you guys but I’d much rather either be dressed for a heatwave or dressed for arctic conditions – no in between! But anyway, I’ve put together a go-to outfit that I’ve worn a few times now, and it’s perfect for those days where you’re not really too sure what’s going down with the weather. Personally, I always think as long as you’re dressed for both warm and cold temperatures, then the rest can easily be sorted (aka, an umbrella for if it chucks it down). Which, if you live in the UK, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about!

Shirt: ‘Topshop’  Dress: ‘H&M’  Belt: ‘Primark’  Bandana: ‘Primark’  Bag:  ‘River Island’  Shoes:  ‘River Island’ 

So unfortunately I don’t think a lot of my outfit pieces are still available in stores as most of it was purchased early this year, some even last year in fact. I’m trying to re-wear a lot of my wardrobe and get as much use as I possibly can out of my clothes, as I’m the absolute worst for wearing things only a couple times before shoving them away and treating myself to additional clothes I just don’t need. I’m not even joking when I say my life is a constant ‘treat yo self’ – (I must be stopped!)  However I have hunted down a few lookalikes for my dress, top and shoes, which I’ll link below and will hopefully give you a bit of inspiration!


So why this outfit you say? What makes it the best choice for this time of year?

Well I’ve learnt the hard way over the years, in that I somehow persist on wearing the exact opposite of what I should be when it comes to this odd period of ‘is it summer, is it autumn?’ For example I’ll always somehow resort to a pair of jeans when it’s actually roasting outside and a summer dress when its gusty and starting to rain. So in a desperate bid to not make the same mistakes I’ve basically been making all my life, I’ve become a fan of the ‘half sleeves and legs.’ Now I realise I just said that as if it’s a known trend that’s taken off nationwide. No, this is actually just a lil’ trick I’ve grown to be quite chuffed about, because it really does work a treat.

So long story short, as long as you’ve got half of your arms and legs covered up, you basically won’t look like a total idiot standing in the pouring rain freezing in a strappy top, or likewise, in the blazing sun sweating it out in a pair of black skinny jeans. Because lets be frank, neither are ideal and it really is the worst when the weather takes a sudden turn that you just ain’t prepared for! With my little trick however, you’ll have some arm covered up for if it gets a bit chilly, as well as a couple layers (by wearing a thin top under a dress) and a little bit of leg on show, for if the sun makes an appearance. That way if the temperature warms up or drops, you’ll be covered either way with sleeves and layers so – pretty much prepared for anything if you ask me! (Do not forget an umbrella though, if in doubt- always assume it’ll rain)! In this outfit I’ve opted for a pair of open back/open toe buckle sandals which are a great alternative to flip flops but not as wintery as boots, so a great in-the-middle option for the start of the autumn season.

So there we go! I hope this post has given you a few ideas to a couple ‘autumn starter’ outfits that you’ll likely be able to create from just pulling odd bits and bobs from your wardrobe! ♥ That way you won’t need to waste any time or money purchasing brand new items that you may only wear for a couple weeks more! And by using what you already have from the warmer months (as well as using a bit of trickery here and there), hopefully you’ll be able to make the most out of those summery items you can’t bear to part from!

Thank you for reading as always chickpeas! Talk soon!

Lookalike Links

Missguided ‘Black Open Back Western Block Heel Sandals’

Topshop ‘Button Through Ribbed Mini Dress’

Topshop ‘Embroidered Floral Wrap Top’

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