My Hairstyling Routine: How I Curl My Hair


Tonight’s post is all about long hair (particularly long, thick hair) and how to easily style it if you’re a lover of curls! Now I first thought about doing a post on this about a week ago as I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my hair recently; main comments being regarding the colour as well as the actual style (which 99% of the time is hella curly! The remaining 1% being my straightened fringe). So I thought it’d be worth doing a post on how I achieve the curls that you always see – so hopefully you can go away and create the same effect!


From top left (clockwise): Pantene ‘Perfect Volume’ hairspray  Aussie ‘Stop The Break’ conditioning spray  Lee Stafford ‘Coco Loco’ hairdryer  Lee Stafford ‘Coco Loco’ coconut mousse  ‘Alice in Wonderland’ hairbrush from Primark Lee Stafford ‘Chopstick Styler’  Mark Hill leopard straighteners


Now I’ve always been a huge fan of curly hair – for as long as I can remember I’ve been tonging my hair to get the beachy mermaid waves I so wish I naturally had! Having only been blessed with ever so slightly waved hair which is more along the ‘bed hair’ look than anything, I’ve always took to it with a big fat curling tong and got to work, manically whizzing up my locks.

So first of all let’s talk thickness. Having wrestled with thick hair my whole life, I’ve at times really struggled to get it to do what I want it to. I know you always want what you don’t have (and there will be people out there with fine hair that would kill for some thickness) I completely get that and it’s so frustrating when your hair isn’t made how you want it- but I feel like whatever you have, there’s always problems that you struggle with in an attempt to get it to play ball!

I’ve also specifically noticed recently that the hairstylers I used to use, have barely any effect on my hair at all anymore. What used to give me pretty, cascading curls, now leave me with a mere wave that falls out pretty much as soon as I leave the house. Now I know the length and the thickness of my hair definitely doesn’t help things but I’ve found I get no joy at all out of those stylers anymore. On reflection, I 100% think they’ll work fabulously on shorter, finer hair so I will link them below for you to check out if you have hair on the finer side and that is a short-medium length- I think they’d be perfect for you! Thinking back, when I purchased all of those items, my hair was quite a bit shorter so I think it took to the stylers a lot easier (whereas I have virtually no hope now)!

Babyliss Boutique ‘Soft Waves’

Babyliss ‘Curling Wand Pro’

Babyliss ‘Wave Envy’ styler

Enrapture ‘Amplify Jumbo Waver’




Okay so now onto length… my hair has got very long over the years  ( I can’t quite work out whether I’m extremely lazy and can’t be bothered to go to the hairdresser’s regularly, or if I have some sort of hairdresser phobia haha). I’m thinking a bit of both! I had a bad hairdresser experience where she completely chopped off my hair to just above my shoulders, a good three or so years ago now, and I cried because it was so short and different! Yes I know that sounds a tad over-dramatic but it really made me feel so self conscious that I just had a bit of a mini meltdown to be honest! Anyway, never again! I grew to really like it when it got a little past my shoulders (I think I’ll definitely try out a ‘lob’ when I’m older), but other than that it was a very traumatising experience haha! As much as my hair is a lot of effort sometimes to try and maintain, it’s worth the hassle to have a good comfort blanket that I know I’m quite happy with! (If you know, you know!)

So as my hair is long and thick, I’ve had to really switch up and adjust the curling stylers I use on my hair. For the last six or seven months I’ve quite literally stuck to one tong and one tong only; Lee Stafford’s ‘Chopstick Styler’.

This has been my holy grail this year and my absolute favourite hairstyler I’ve used in a long time! This is the only tong I currently have that actually really works on my hair and gives a truly amazing effect that lasts for days! I remember I purchased this a couple years ago when my hair was quite a lot shorter (a little while after the hair annihilation incident) and I excitedly tested it out to find my hair just pinged right up by my chin, leaving me looking like some sort of poodle judge. So that wasn’t okay to be honest and I didn’t touch it again until February time this year – now I’m obsessed and can’t stop using it!

I feel some people wouldn’t like the extreme curly effect this tong creates too much, and that’s absolutely fine- everyone’s different! But if you do really like a good ol’ curl, and your hair is reasonably long and quite thick, then you’ll love these! The good thing is that you can separate and pull apart these curls as you go along to make them look slightly more loose- but make sure you do it quick before they set and cool otherwise they’ll just stay extremely corkscrew-like! But likewise, if that’s what you’re after then that’s ideal and makes your job a lot easier  = bonus!




However if you do have shorter to medium hair and would still like to give the chopstick styler a go- you absolutely could! I feel you’d be able to give your hair a slight corkscrew effect through the lengths and/or ends if you were really careful and didn’t wrap your hair around the tong too tightly or for too long. So I’ definitely say to give it some practice at home to master the desired effect you’re after!


Can we please all take a moment to appreciate how magical this Alice in Wonderland hairbrush from Primark is? IN LOVE.

A Few Extra Hair Stylers I Use In My Routine

  • Lee Stafford Coco Loco Hairdryer– it’s pink and rose gold. Need I say any more?
  • Mark Hill Leopard Print Straighteners– these straighteners are Moroccan Argan Oil infused and have variable heat settings that go all the way up to 220Β° (so ideal for thick hair!), glide through the hair really easily and leave a beautiful shine in the process. In all honesty I don’t ever use these to straighten my whole head, as I don’t particularly like my hair straight but I do straighten my fringe with these everyday and they’re fab! (They’re also leopard print, so even if these didn’t actually work too great, I’d probably still be won over haha!)

Hair Products I Love and Use Everyday


Lee Stafford’s ‘Chopstick Styler’ Results


Thank you all for reading and I hope it has given you a good insight into styling your hair and creating fabulous curls! Please do let me know what you think and let me know if there is anything else you’d like to see or have demonstrated!

I’d love to know your thoughts on curly hair; do you curl yours? If so what do you use and if not, would you ever take the plunge? Happy Tonging!

C  β™₯


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