My September To-Do List Before The Holiday Season Kicks In

Afternoon petals!

I thought it would be rather useful to do a blog post on what I usually end up getting up to in the month of September, because who really knows what it’s for right? I find it’s a really awkward transitional month that officially separates summer and autumn but no one really knows what to do in it. Back in school, it was all about beginning an exciting new year with fresh starts, loads of gossip to catch up on, new timetables, lessons (and was I the only one who got pumped for new stationery- please say I’m not)? Since entering the adult world and being plunged into full time work, there’s not really a need to be excited for September anymore, (although I will say I do secretly start my Christmas countdown- don’t judge, I know you do too).

However the only reason I do quite like September is that it does kind of officially mark the beginning of the holiday season which is my absolute favourite time of year! Autumn and winter is just so blinkin’ magical and so much happens in it that it’s just a bit of an overload isnt it really! I just love everything about it; the food, the weather, the cosy nights in, the decorations, the hot chocolate, the LOT. I’ll stop there or I’ll just go into a bit of a frenzy, but basically, I think September is quite a good month to get geared up and prepared for the festivities that lie ahead.

So I’ve put together a short list of the main five things I make sure to get sorted in September, so hopefully it’ll give you a few ideas to focus on as well!


Lists, Lists, Lists

Okay so I’m the sort of person who makes lists of lists- I’m that dedicated. As we approach autumn, I feel like they’re just a necessity- how people plan things without writing long lists of how, what, when, where and why, I do not know – I’m actually kind of jealous because my life seems to revolve around a giant ol’ list. I’ve already got going with one for autumn which I’m so excited about; it consists of seasonal blog post ideas, wintery outings, Christmas plans and gift ideas- I cant WAIT to get going!

A Good Clear Out

Nothing beats a clear out does it really? I feel like it’s so cleansing to do right before the autumnal festivities kick in because A. it’s an excuse for a whole new winter wardrobe B. it clears way for all the new bits and bobs you’ll likely purchase in the run up to Christmas (and receive for Christmas) and C. you’ll probably find a load of stuff you forgot you even owned! (Which works wonders when you’re on a budget!) I love finding a few wintery items out that I completely forgot about!


Christmas Planning

This is a biggie, now lots of people like to ignore the fact that Christmas is on it’s way until round about late November (I’ll never understand why – how are you so contained?!) Who’s making Christmas dinner? Are we going to Nan’s or are they coming to us? Who’s buying for who? Can we make sure we get plenty of Glitterberry J20’s? We’re still getting a cheese board right? Where are we going for the tree decorations?

I’m sure you’ll agree that these are all life’s big questions and personally I love planning a bit of Christmas (much to my Mum’s horror when we’re in September) but ya know, you can never be too prepared!

A Saving Plan

As we approach Hallowe’en, Bonfire Night, Christmas and finally New Years, I think it’s safe to say its a pretty expensive season and I’ve definitely learnt the hard way when it comes to spending money at Christmas. I now make sure to set aside a certain amount every month from September to December, so I’m not stuck in a rut when it comes to spending on family and friends. Because that’s really not fun- especially when you love spending on other people as much as I do! (Isn’t it an amazing feeling spending on your loved ones on really special gifts you know they’ll love)!?


‘What I’d Love To Do This Season’

A pretty simple but exciting aspect to think about at the beginning of autumn I think! I love planning what I’d like to do and where I’d like to go for the upcoming winter months; it just gives you that little bit of motivation to get up and go go go, knowing you’ve got lots to look forward to! (It also ties you over til December too haha)!


Thanks so much for reading! What do you think? What do you like to do in September and will you be doing anything I’ve mentioned in this post?

I’d love to know your thoughts!

C  ♥

4 thoughts on “My September To-Do List Before The Holiday Season Kicks In

  1. I’m with you on the Christmas planning!
    As a wife now, I feel like I need to get my shit together a little bit more. Hosting Christmas and all of the present buying! Exciting!

    Have you checked out my new post? 💗💗💗‬


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