A Review On Becca’s New ‘Skin Love’ Face Range : Feat. The Be A Light Palette And Glow Elixir Serum

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Today’s post is all about a couple of my favourite products from BECCA’s new range ‘Skin Love’ (which is honestly so blinkin’ dreamy people)! I thought this post would be a good insight into the brand itself (if you’re a BECCA newbie), and if you’re already a huge fan then I’m sure you’ll be intrigued to know what this range is all about! (And I will link the products in their titles below so you can shop them! Eeeeek)!

So a few weeks ago, I had a consultation at my local BECCA and I was lucky enough to be able to try out a ton of their products (which were all pure magic by the way), and the consultant kindly treated my skin to this fabulous new serum; ‘Skin Love Glow Elixir’,  which I was hooked on instantly and went on to purchase (treat yo’self)! I was dying to get my hands on this as soon as I saw it shimmering all kinds of beautiful on the counter, so I’m literally ecstatic that it works as good as it looks!

So first off, what’s in it?

This serum is enriched with brightening liquorice, hydrating hyaluronic acid, and protective antioxidants which all contribute to giving an instant glow to your skin (without any horrible greasiness)!

Wow, tell me more!

So the product replenishes the skin with glow-inducing nutrients to leave it looking and feeling healthy and insanely radiant! It’s amazing used alone but it’s great as a booster when used with other products too! Personally I love to use this as a primer after a thin layer of moisturiser- it really does provide a fabulous base for your foundation to cling to (but not in a gross, icky way)- which is just perfect! The liquorice and hyaluronic acid work together to coat the skin with moisture (so if you have a dry skin type this will be your new best friend!) Antioxidants such as Vitamin E and blueberry get to work to do some good ol’ shielding, and ingredients such as honey, caffeine and peony soothe your skin(so this really is an all-round little miracle in a bottle)!




So how do you use it? 

This is to be used in the morning – alone, or before your makeup. You can either squeeze a few drops onto your fingertips or you can dot it over your face using the applicator (whatever works for you) before massaging it into your skin for a new magical glowing complexion!




So next up is BECCA’s ‘Be A Light’ palette; a dreamy complexion-enhancing palette of goodness which was the one other product I was eyeing up as soon as I clocked it! This comes in two shade options; Light to Medium and Medium to Dark featuring the brand’s new ‘Sheer Glow Filter’ powder in four finishes; Brighten, Blur, Contour and Blush. This selection works together to create a real life Instagram filter to be quite honest, evening out skin tone, blurring and illuminating!

Tell me more about these powders!

Okay so each shade uses their own different levels of pearl and colour to blur, define and illuminate for a super natural glow! They offer sheer coverage and blend seamlessly allowing you to build and customise your very own ‘lit-within’ look, exactly how you like it!

The Light to Medium palette is equipped with a soft pearly ‘Brighten’ powder, a beige ‘Blur’ powder, a neutral tan ‘Contour’ powder, and a pink marbled with silver ‘Blush’ which all work in conjunction with each other to provide a gorgeous healthy glow. (It seriously does an amazing job on looking super natural as well!)

The Medium to Dark palette provides a neutral peach ‘Brighten’, a warm sand ‘Blur’, a warm bronze ‘Contour’ and a copper with rose gold pearl ‘Blush.’ 

What is each shade for and how are they used ?

‘Brighten’ (left shade)use all over the face to boost radiance

‘Blur’ (right shade) – use all over the face to even out complexion and blur imperfections

‘Contour’ (bottom shade) – use to sculpt and defines features

‘Blush’ (top shade) – use on cheekbones to add a pop of colour and light


BECCA ‘Be A Light palette in Light to Medium’


Dark Lighting


Bright Lighting


Left to Right: ‘Brighten’, ‘Blush’, ‘Contour’, ‘Blur’ 


The Results


An exciting piece of information is that these aren’t the only new products in the range- there is a foundation, and a glow stick too which are bloody beautiful and well worth checking out! You can find them linked below x

‘Skin Love Weightless Blur Foundation’

‘Skin Love Glow Glaze Stick’

I do also get asked quite a lot what foundation I use and I’ll say now – it’s BECCA’s ‘Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation’ in ‘Medium!’

It’s an amazing lightweight yet buildable foundation that provides light/medium, dewy coverage that is just so beautiful I can’t even explain! Applied after the new ‘Glow Elixir’, it’ll give your skin the most glowy, natural, ‘lit-within’ look that you’ll be obsessed with! It also diminishes the appearance of any imperfections but is never cakey, instead giving a ‘your skin but better’ effect (which is what we all want, right)?

So there we have it! I hope you have enjoyed this post and are going to give BECCA’s new ‘Skin Love’ range a go (it’s worth it honestly)! And if you have already, what do you think of it?

Click on the links throughout this post to find out more about the products and enjoy! Happy Shopping!

C ♥




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