What I’m Looking Forward To This Autumn

Hello my glittering pine cones! 

Hope you’re all well! 

So here in the UK, we’ve recently had a bit of a weather turnaround and it’s began to get rather blustery and miserable. Which I’m not complaining about myself, I rather blinkin’ like it, but British being British, we’re not exactly fans (but let’s be honest, when are we ever bloody happy with our weather)! But personally, I absolutely love this kind of weather as it means snuggling up warm in cosy blankets, tonnes of hot chocolate and big, knitted jumpers = perfection. And this chilly, rainy weather gets me right in the autumnal spirit! So I thought today it’d be quite nice to do a post all about what I’m looking forward to this autumn and I’m hoping it might give those of you who are maybe not so happy with the colder months approaching, a little bit of autumn inspiration and hopefully see the run up to Christmas in a different light! (I’m fully aware a lot of people get a bit down towards the end of summer) so here’s some inspo for getting in the spirit!

Autumn Outfits

Okay who doesn’t love wrapping up all cosy in giant blanket scarves, boots, bobble hats and thick winter coats? This is my FAVOURITE time of year, mainly because I love the fashion that autumn brings! I do love summer style pieces but I feel like it can sometimes be a bit limited as to what you can wear- whereas in autumn and winter you can create endless outfits by layering and incorporating accessories- so you really get the most out of your wardrobe! Watch this space for probably an unnecessary amount of pink, fluffy coats coming to the blog next month (‘m already getting overexcited thinking about it all)!!…

Autumnal Activities

This is something I look forward to every single year and it doesn’t even involve spending a lot of money at all! Now it may sound a  little cheesy and simple haha, but I absolutely love going on long autumn walks through the country and collecting bits and bobs such as pine cones, conkers, leaves and acorns (yep, I said it was simple) and then just quite literally decorating the house with them! So whether that’s glitzing up some crunchy colourful leaves to add to pot pourri or just arranging acorns and conkers in bowls to add some autumnal vibes to your home, it’s such a lovely but affordable activity to spend a day or two doing (plus it makes for some amazing photography, as autumn is such a pretty season)!

This year will also be my first ever time pumpkin picking! I’ve decided I’m definitely going to go this October and I can’t wait (feel like a right little kid)! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but have just never got round to, but I think it’ll really kick off the festivities!

Cosy Days Out

Now I do love a good garden centre I must say, and the cosiness that comes with trotting around one absorbing all the random home and garden bits and bobs is just the best! And then sitting down for a good cuppa tea and slab of cake just tops it off lovely. (Yeah, I know, I’m a bit weird) but it’s one of life’s little things that definitely go underrated! I also love going shopping in the autumn season, as the Christmas decs and lights begin to make a magical appearance along with plenty of gift ideas to kick start the lists! 

Autumn Inspired Hot Drinks

Anyone else a huge fan of Costa’s wintery drinks that are brought in every year? They’re always hella delicious and usually involve glitter of some sort which sends me into a bit of a frenzy not gonna lie! It really is the little things that make me happy, but I’m fairly sure anyone would appreciate yummy, glittery hot chocolates, right? I’m a huge fan of the Chrsitmassy flavoured ones that creep in around November time,  it really does just add a festive touch to your day!

Dark Days

Yeah I know what you’re thinking, ‘is she okay?’ Yes I’m absolutely okay, I just love waking up and trotting out to work in the dark and also returning home in the dark. (I’m definitely okay I promise haha)!

I think what it is, is when there’s darkness, there has to be light (aka. fairy lights, candles and decorations) which basically means cosy, cosy, cosy. So I love going to work in the mornings and walking through town to see all the  lights and glitter in shop windows and cafe’s looking all cute and decorations beginning to go up around town! Anyone else feel the same? Not sure you can beat it really, it’s just a lovely time of year!

Nature At Autumn Time

Autumn is definitely the most beautiful, colourful season of them all I think and just before everything starts to shed for winter, the colours of outside life as a whole, are just so warm and vibrant! I love taking photography of all the rich colours before having a good ol’ collecting-up sesh to take home for autumnal decoration! You’ll also always find things out and about that you wouldn’t find any other time of the year obviously, which is just quite nice to see really?

For example, conkers and acorns aren’t your everyday so it’s weirdly exciting to go hunting for these little things around this time of year. Am I right?

(Oh, I bloody love a good crunching of leaves as well- walking through piles of red and orange leafage is the best, just saying). I’m definitely not on my own on that one haha!


Now I’m not actually the biggest fan of Halloween it has to be said, but I do love everything that comes with it. So, I’ve never been one to get all dressed up to go out on the town, trick or treating or anything like that, but I do love the colours and the decorations (and the glitter!) that Hallowe’en brings! It definitely rounds up October nicely and I love to stay in and make ‘spooky’- inspired food and drink with the fam and carve a couple pumpkins! (I know, cute or what)?

thumbnail_image1 (1)

thumbnail_image3 (1)

So those are all the things I look forward to for the autumn season, I’d love to know your thoughts and also what you like to do in October yourselves!

Do you celebrate Hallowe’en? What’s your favourite thing about autumn? And how do you decorate your house around this time of year?

I’d love to know so please feel free to leave comments down below!

Thank you for reading as always!

C ♥



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