Magnificently Magical Unicorn Milkshakes: The Easiest Guide Ever For Tea Party Ready Drinks in 10 Minutes

Evening lil’ flamboyant flumps!

How’s everyone doing? 

So I thought it would be amazing to do a post on how to create some fabulously pink unicorn inspired milkshakes, on a budget and in less than 10 minutes.

Now personally, I know full well what it’s like to have these fancy homemade recipes in mind when planning to do some making and baking, only for it to just completely go out the window. If any of you reading this struggle to cook up recipes from the book, (also expecting it to turn out like Mary Berry’s latest masterpiece), then I feel you. I’ve set myself some pretty high standards to live up to in my lifetime and it just isn’t the way to go. I ain’t a cook. Or a baker. And I’m not going to be any time soon. So I’ve learnt that I need to stick to the basics and keep things simple when it comes to being creative with food and drink, which is why when my bestie handed me Alix Carey’s ‘Unicorn Cookbook’ one day as a surprise gift, I kind of had a little meltdown on the spot.

thumbnail_image1 (1)

This is just full of sweet treat recipes that are all unicorn themed and absolutely perfect for parties, birthdays and general celebrations! Which obviously sent me crazy as I think we all know how much I love a unicorn! So to have a book full of simple, easy, but fabulous recipes (that don’t require any fancy ingredients or top notch baking skills), is a lifesaver! Shout out to Alix for making us feel like we could totally win Great British Bake Off – you the best!


Anyway, enough of the waffle, and more on the magic recipe – which actually I’ll admit was all purchased from good ol’ ASDA! Can you get any better? So not only is this the quickest milkshake EVER to whip up, but all of the ingredients I used were under Β£10 which I think is such a bargain! And you’d definitely be able to get a good 4 or 5 milkshakes out of all of it as well!

I took inspiration from Alix Carey’s ‘Strawberries and Cream Milkshake’ (pg 121  in her ‘Unicorn Cookbook’), to create my own magical concoction which I kinda feel looks like a unicorn has thrown up everywhere but hey ho, I’m kinda liking the look of that! So below I’m going to list the steps I took to create these milkshakes and I will link the ingredients also, so you can have a little look if you’d like to re-create these!


  1. First off I simplified the actual making of the milkshake by being incredibly lazy and using ‘Strawberry Nesquik Powder’ instead of starting from scratch with chocolate and ice cream.  A. Because I’m lazy. B. I’m scared of getting too carried away-resulting in burnt chocolate. And C. I was way too excited for the decorating to stand mixing up ingredients for more than two minutes. But of course, (if you are a much more exciting, patient and creative person than myself) then you can absolutely make the milkshake by melting chocolate and whipping it up with ice cream.


2.  Next up, I completely went to town with some  ‘ASDA Squirty Cream’  (which I clearly had to go overboard with), but you can use as much or as little as you like, depending on the effect you’re after.


3. I then pushed a wafer ice cream cone upside down into the cream to create a ‘unicorn horn’ effect, along with a good ol flump (bloody love me a flump! Anyone else use to absolutely go mad over these back in the 90’s?) and a few ‘Dr Oetker White & Pink Heart Shaped Marshmallows’  which are so adorable!


4. Okay so the sprinkles step is completely down to personal preference in regards to the colour theme you’re after, but I decided to stick to true unicorn style with pinks and purples. I purchased ‘Dr Oetker’s Fairy Princess’  tub which has 4 separate compartments with 4 different designs (including little sugar hearts which are so pretty!). I also added a few pink and blue ‘Smarties’ (Unicorn Edition) which are only available at ASDA I believe (seriously amazing) –  you guys must try if you haven’t already!


5. To top it all off, I popped in pink and white striped straws (that I already had at home, but that are available mega cheap in packs on eBay and Amazon), before piling on a stack of ‘Mini Party Rings!’


And that’s how I make quick and easy but fabulous unicorn themed milkshakes! Even though they kind of look a bit thrown together, I think it’s a blinkin’ glorious mess and quite an effective look! A perfect idea for parties and get togethers! (Plus they taste so yummy!)

This time round I’ve used pretty pastel shades as my colour theme but you could perhaps go for darker, mystical colours for Halloween or you might decide to use this as an idea for Christmas celebrations, with festive greens and reds topped with a candy cane or two!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Will you be making any unicorn inspired milkshakes over the autumnal season? If so, I’d love to know what theme you’re planning and how they turn out!

C β™₯

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