Affordable Activities For Autumn (Including Some Cute DIY Crafts I Love Making For The Home)

Good evening my glittery gooseberries (don’t know where gooseberries came from but let’s go with it, haha)!

I hope you’re all well! Are we enjoying the run up to the festive season? I’m so excited for Hallowe’en! Although it’s not exactly an event I celebrate much, I absolutely love the atmosphere it brings, along with orange and gold glittered everything!

Anyway, today I fancied doing a post about a few fun but affordable activities that are perfect for doing at the weekend or whenever you’re free, just as a little something to get in the autumnal spirit! A lot of things nowadays are ridiculously overpriced, so it’s refreshing to find inexpensive bits and bobs to do that are still really enjoyable!

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DIY Home Decor

Now I absolutely love collecting all things autumnal around this time of year – a good handful of conkers and acorns make me a little happier than they probably should. But you don’t see an acorn every day do you, so you have to seize the moment and get gathering like a lil squirrel! Am I right?

So once I’ve collected up a load of pine cones, conkers, leaves and anything else that tickles my fancy, I take them home (and 9 times out of 10), I unsurprisingly glitter the absolutely living daylights out of it all, before arranging them all around my home to add a bit of autumnal magic! Now this may sound a bit un-original and ‘same old’ BUT it’s so effective and really does create an amazing feel to your house!

Personally, I love to half dip conkers and acorns in gold glitter and then with leaves and pine cones, I prefer to lightly sprinkle glitter over them (obviously it just depends on the effect you’re after and you can do it exactly how you want!) I then like arranging them in bowls as pot pourri usually, as well as around large candles on the coffee table or even in window sills! Again, if you’d like to be a bit more creative, you could absolutely string conkers and acorns together to make autumnal garlands for the mantelpiece perhaps! So that’s one thing I really enjoy doing this time of year and it’s not something that has to be done and then thrown away by the end of October, these little crafty bits for your home would last right through to Christmas for sure!

And the bonus is that it’s so inexpensive! All free bar a bit of glitter and PVA glue = bargain!


Fruit Picking

Okay, so I believe the best time of year to go fruit picking (mainly for blackberries and apples) is September- November so it’s such a cute activity to spend an autumnal afternoon doing! Not only can you pick the best fruit going, you can then go home and whizz up an autumnal bake! (My personal fave is in the form of apple crumble if anyone’s making…) Plus how cute would the pics be for Instagram? Let’s be honest, they’d be adorable.

thumbnail_image4 (1).jpg
Bow Hat: Primark  – Chenille Socks: Primark – Glasses: Kylie Minougue at Specsavers – Velvet Scrunchie: Primark – Left Nail Polish: Accessorize – Right Nail Polish: Barry M (740 ‘Extravagant) – ‘C’ Mug: Gift
thumbnail_image5 (1)
Pumpkin Bath Melt: Lush – Right Nail Polish: Barry M (733 Purple Hex) – Heart Decoration: Sass & Belle – Bow Gloves: Primark – Copper Kettle: Own – Teacup and Saucer: Own

Autumnal Wreaths

Now I think we all love autumn’s bright oranges, reds and yellows- whether you’re a winter person or a summer person, I think everyone can appreciate the colours that autumn brings. Without a shadow of a doubt it’s the most colourful season out of the four and I really do believe that fields, forests and general wildlife is made so much prettier by the trees this time of year. I love collecting up a batch of crunchy orange and red leaves to take home and get arty with- and an autumnal wreath is a perfect lil creation to make! Whether as a gift or for yourself, it’d be perfect on the front door, in the garden or even in your home (mantelpiece or on the wall would look amazing)- it’s such a cute lil idea to while away an afternoon doing!

Apart from leaves, you’d need either wire (to create your own wreath) or a green ready made wreath (that I guess would typically be bought for Christmas time but would still work fab for this theme), twine and glue (all found at your local Hobbycraft or arts and crafts shop)! Plus you can add any other bits and bobs to your wreath (conkers, pine cones, acorns) and overlap and build the leaves exactly how you’d like, depending on the effect you’re after!

thumbnail_image9 (1)
Fairy Lights: Primark – Orange Throw: Primark


Pumpkin Picking

Something I’m actually very new to! I can’t believe I’ve never before been pumpkin picking- this year was my first time and oh my gosh – did I have a whale of a time or did I have a whale of a time?! My boyfriend and I were like big kids whizzing round the patch with a wheelbarrow the size of myself (I struggled, trust me), and scooping up the pumpkins we liked the look of; ‘Ooo that’s a goodun,’ ‘cor that’s a beast, look at him?!’ ‘Aww that one is so tiny and cute!’

thumbnail_image1 (2)



So it went on like this for the best part of 45 minutes and we struggled to part with a few because they were just too adorable but we simply couldn’t have like, 15 pumpkins because, who needs 15 pumpkins?! (If you do as a matter of fact require 15 pumpkins, I would actually be so intrigued to know why, so do let me know)!




Anyway we ended up with a good six I’d say – so not bad going at all! And it really was such a fun and inexpensive activity to do- plus as this was something that was held at our local farm, there was plenty of other things to move on and do afterwards (Christmas decoration browsing in the garden centre, perusing through food in the farm shop and obvs having a good spot of lunch)! So you can definitely make a day out of it – I would highly recommend if you haven’t already pumpkin picked that you get down to your local patch before the end of October! It’s just fabby!







As always, thank you so much for reading and I hope you are inspired to go out and tick some autumnal activities off the list before October is out! Let me know what you get up to, I’d love to know!

C ♥

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