Spot On The Mark: The Leopard Trousers I’m Obsessing Over

Evening pickles!

Hope you’re all very well!

Now I’ve been dying to do a post on my new favourite piece of clothing that I can’t stop wearing at the moment! Yes, you’ve guessed it- it’s the loud patterned animal print trousers I’m hoping I pull off in these blog photos!

I’ve absolutely loved leopard print for as long as I can remember so the fact it’s been everywhere (and I mean everywhere) this year, makes me very happy indeed! It really has taken off nationwide hasn’t it?! And I just love how there’s so many different ways you can incorporate it into a look; whether you’re crazy for some loud pieces or prefer to keep it minimal, there’s always something out there for everyone!


Top: Pretty Little Thing  Cardigan: New Look   Trousers: New Look  Shoes: Converse


But anyway, the trousers. I picked these up from New Look a couple months ago for a very reasonable £20 cost. I saw them and instantly needed them, there was no umming and ahhing, I wanted them and I was having them. So I did, I ran straight over to that till and didn’t think twice about it – ‘that’s going straight in my basket’ 😉 It wasn’t until I got home, hung them up on my clothes rail and had a good look at them, that I was thinking, ‘what am I going to wear these with?’ ‘Can I pull these off?’ ‘Will people wonder what on earth I’m wearing?’ ‘Do they look too much like PJ’s?’


thumbnail_image2 (1)


These thoughts were running through my head for all of a few minutes, before I thought, ‘no, you know what? I saw these and I loved them and I’m going to wear them wherever and whenever I want.’ (In the words of Shakira of course). And it really was as simple as that.

It’s so easy to like something and then be instantly put off of it once you start thinking a bit too deeply into it. Sometimes it’s obvious that certain clothing is just not for us and that could be because of many reasons; height, build etc. But just because something is a little unusual or ‘wacky’ or ‘out there’, doesn’t mean we should be discouraged because of that, because instinct says- you liked the blinkin’ trousers! So get them, wear them and rock them! And that’s not just a way of thinking that I’ve drilled into my head for bold prints and colours ‘I just don’t think I’d pull off’ – that’s life in general! If you want something enough, you’ll do it and go make it happen – it applies to fashion just as much as everything else!




Okay I know what you’re thinking  – ‘get to the point Court, you’re killing me here!‘ I guess what I’m trying to say is, buy the trousers! Or shoes! Or bag – or whatever it is, because life is far too short. And you don’t need to explain yourself either; that’s what I’ve come to learn. Sometimes you can think ‘will I pull this off?’ ‘What if people question me?’ I’ve had it plenty of times trust me – ‘why you wearing those for?’

Because I blinking like them, that’s why.

So what if I look like like I’m wearing PJ’s. Who doesn’t wanna feel like they’re wearing PJ bottoms anyway right? Cosy allll the way!

And another thing- is that trousers aren’t normally my thing. It’s only since the summer of this year that I’ve branched out into the world of trousers! Being the miniscule height I am, I’ve never had the confidence to try and pull off items that could potentially make me look even smaller, but I’m actually a huge fan of them now- can’t get enough! You just have to find the ones that work for you!




So tell me; are you a leopard print fan? And do you like to brave a loud fashion piece, or keep it simplistic with just a hint of pattern? I love both, so do let me know in the comments!

I will link a few lookalikes to my trousers down below (as animal print bottoms seem to be everywhere at the moment)! Let me know what you think!

Cameo Rose Brown Leopard Print Pleated Culottes £19.99 – New Look

Tan Leopard Print Culotte £12 – Pretty Little Thing

Macey Leopard Print Trousers £25 – Miss Pap

QED London Leopard Print Paperbag Waist Wide Leg Trousers £22 –  ASOS


C  ♥



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