My Easy Disney Princess Inspired Pumpkins

Evening my glittery pom poms!

How are we all doing? I hope you are well! 

Now if you haven’t already noticed, today’s post is all about these adorable Disney Princess themed pumpkins I’ve created! I was so excited to get a blog post up on them -I just couldn’t wait til Halloween! I mean how blimmin’ magical are they! The best thing about them is that they were so super easy to make and all you need are a few basic materials to create a beautiful Princessy look!

Of course I found it extremely difficult to narrow it down and choose just a couple of Princess themes; but I managed to settle on my two absolute favourites and I’m really pleased with how they turned out!

Being a huge scaredy cat, Halloween isn’t really one for me (Hocus Pocus is about as far as I’ll go) – but I do love the atmosphere it brings and I always participate in the event in one way or another- and this year it’s in the form of Disney! (Which to be honest, can you go wrong with)? I thought a Disney twist on Halloween would be super effective and fun so, I’ve enjoyed decorating these pumpkins all pretty and princessy! Plus, now (whether my Mum likes it or not), these can sit all gorgeous on the coffee table surrounded bu autumnal goodness in the form of candles, leaves, glitter and acorns – eeek!  Below I will link the materials I used and list the easy peasy steps I took to paint and decorate the pumpkins!

I really hope you enjoy and let me know what you think petals, I’d love to know!


Materials You Will Need

White Ready Mixed Paint ยฃ1

Metallic Pale Blue Ready Mixed Shimmer Paint ยฃ1.25

School PVA Glue ยฃ1.50

Loose or adhesive gems – you can get these pretty much anywhere! I bought mine from Paperchase as they have a fabulous selection but you can honestly get pretty gems and stones from so many different arts and crafts shops so have a lil browse for what you fancy!

  • Firstly I gently washed and dried the pumpkin (so as to make sure it was free of dirt and mud)
  • I then completely coated it with white paint, as a base or a ‘blank canvas’ for the coloured paint (think of it as the moisturiser before the foundation if ya like) ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • I then let this completely dry overnight, before adding another coat of white paint, to completely block out any orange pumpkin colour and disguise any bumps or lumps on the surface as best I could.

thumbnail_image1 (3)

  • Once the base coat had completely dried (and I really mean bone dry – I’ve learnt the hard way with this one haha), I then painted on the metallic shimmer blue paint, allowed it to dry overnight and reapplied another coat the next day to intensify the colour.
  • Again, I waited until the pumpkin had completely dried before attempting to decorate (as it would’ve been a right ol’ mess if it wasn’t)! But once I finally  reached that stage, I had a good think about how I was going to arrange the design with the gems and then got straight to  it! I used some basic PVA glue to secure the jewels in place and gave it a good light spritz of hairspray at the end to hold it all together! And that’s basically it! (I told you it was super easy right!)


  • I managed to find some adorable tulle ribbon around the house to tie around the stalk (magically coincidental how colour co-ordinated it was as well) and arranged it amongst blue tissue paper, beautiful lace and cosy fairy lights! Super Cinderelly style!

Additional Materials And Props I’ve Used

Gold glitter

Glass decoration


Etsy print

Fairy Lights

Tissue paper

thumbnail_image2 (3)

Sleeping Beauty

Materials You Will Need

White Ready Mixed Paint ยฃ1

Metallic Pale Pink Ready Mixed Shimmer Paint ยฃ1.25

School PVA Glue ยฃ1.50

Loose or adhesive gems

  • And it’s exactly the same steps to follow for this Princess theme – just with pink shimmer paint for Sleeping Beauty! And obviously you’re welcome to choose different gems and jewels for this pumpkin if you wish as well!

Additional Materials And Props I’ve Used

Gold glitter

Pink silk


Glass perfume bottle

Etsy swan decoration

Pearl necklace

And you can decorate your Disney pumpkins exactly how you like! You can add as much or as little glitter, jewels, gems and lace as you like!

Below are some links to a few stores that stock beautiful selections of loose and adhesive gems and decorations for you to check out for a bit of inspiration. I hope it helps poppets! Happy pumpkin decorating!






Thank you ever so much for reading – what do you think of Disney themed pumpkins? Will you be creating any for Halloween? And if so, I’d love to know what Disney theme you opt for and how they turn out! 

Happy Halloweeen!

C  โ™ฅ

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