A Beautiful Bronze Makeup Look Using My Favourite Charlotte Tilbury Eye Products: Perfect For A/W

Hello my gorgeous ghoulies!

Happy (Almost) Halloween!

I hope you’re all having a great time celebrating in spooky style! 

So tonight’s post is all about the makeup look I’ve been wearing a lot of recently with the  help of a few of my absolute favourite Charlotte Tilbury products. I’m gonna be honest, it’s not anything fancy or mega creative or Halloween-y, it’s just a natural, everyday autumnal look with the likes of warm bronzes and golds. So if that’s what you like, do carry on reading as I’m hoping you’ll really enjoy this post!

Now I  love creating eye makeup looks – liner and eyeshadow is something I use every single day because what a waste it would be to not, right? Playing around with palettes and shades and mixing colours to see what I come up with is basically just a hobby of mine haha! So I was really excited when we hit autumn as autumn means; warm colours, smokey eyes and lots of glitter! And we’re all up for a bit o’ that!


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The products I have used for this look aren’t shiny new releases or anything like that, they’re just some good oldies that have been about for a while – that I can’t get enough of! They’re perfect to create endless different looks and natural enough to wear every day so they’re honestly such ideal products to have in your makeup bag!

So anyway, let’s get to the good stuff! Below I’m going to take you through step by step how I like to use all these different products and of course the results! I will also pop the links in the titles for you to shop!

Do let me know what you think of this post poppets, I’d love to know! Happy Reading!


Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkinson ‘Filmstar Bronze & Glow’ (Limited Edition) 

Unfortunately, this item was limited edition and is no longer available to purchase- I know, I am so sorry peeps – (I got it quite a while ago and it’s so pigmented that you only need a tiny bit of product- so it’s still kicking! Can you believe that!?) It’s part of the Norman Parkinson range that came out a year or so ago and it’s such a dreamy face palette to have in your makeup collection.However, as it’s no longer around, I have found some fantastic dupes for you to check out! I have linked them below petals x

It’s such a gorgeous compact that consists of a cream bronzer and highlighter and oh my gosh- they blend into the skin amazingly. I’m so gutted this was limited edition because I would 100% re-purchase! This is the first cream face compact I’ve ever owned and my gosh does it set high expectations for other cream bronzers now! I use it most days and it gives such a glowy, dewy finish to your face. I use this usually after my foundation and concealer, but before applying powder and it gives such a supple sheen to your skin. I would definitely keep an eye out for future releases like this from Charlotte Tilbury as I am never ever disappointed with her products!

At the moment, I’m finishing off my face makeup using the new Becca ‘Be A Light’ palette in Light-Medium which is an amazing palette including four fabulous powders, so do check that out also!


thumbnail_image3 (2)


Hourglass ‘Illume Sheer Color Trio’ £56

Zoeva ‘Cream Contour Spectrum Palette’ £23


thumbnail_image4 (2)


Charlotte Tilbury ‘Dolce Vita’ palette

This is my favourite palette for A/W; it’s just perfect for creating those warm, glittery makeup looks for the festive season! It includes copper, bronze and champagne shades that really make the eyes pop! The magic thing as well, is that you can create so many different looks with just these four colours, and you can take a look from day to night in just a few minutes!


For a natural daytime look, I love to blend the ‘Prime’ shade over my entire eyelid to brighten up the area and provide a fabulous base for more eyeshadow. This champagne shade is beautiful all on it’s own but it’s great to brighten up the inner corners of the eye as well.

Next up I like to dip into the ‘Enhance’ shade (a glorious warm copper) and blend that gently into the eye socket and just under the waterline also for some depth. And of course you can use as little or as much as you’d like -I personally like to go in 2 or 3 times with this shade to build up the copper, but you can use much less if you’d prefer; it just depends what look you’re going for!




Now to take this look from day to night, I like to get stuck into the two remaining colours to create a glam look which is perfect for a night out or even just to get in the festive spirit! (The latter is much more applicable to me in all honesty hahaha!)

So to add that extra bit of depth, I apply the ‘Smoke’ shade to the outer corners of the eyes and create a subtle wing effect for a slightly more dramatic look which is perfect for a night time feel. Again, this is something you can use as much or as little of as you like, but do make sure to not be too heavy handed with this shade as it’s very pigmented (so a little goes a long way!) 

Now that alone should really intensify the look and give you a gorgeously festive smokey eye! However it would be so wrong to ignore the fourth lil beauty of a shade; the pop’ colour (a glittery bronzey gold – HEAVEN BASICALLY) that I layer on like there’s no tomorra’! This is so pretty applied to the centre of the eyelid and underneath the waterline to give a literal pop (wow, groundbreaking) – and a beautiful golden glitz to the overall look!


thumbnail_image1 (1)




Charlotte Tilbury ‘Colour Chameleon in Bronzed Garnet’

Okay so I have re-purchased this pencil about 3 times now; I LOVE IT. And not just this shade either, I have two others that I use day in day out because they’re products that are so easy and quick to use! ‘Bronzed Garnet’ is a gorgeous metallic red-toned bronze eyeshadow stick that’s super creamy and blendable so there’s no awful dragging across the eye experiences  – no thanks.

These products are amazing as the sticks are designed specifically for different eye colours. For example, my favourites are ‘Bronzed Garnet’ and ‘Amethyst Aphrodisiac’  because they’re both created for green eyes to make them really pop and stand out!  (Which they really do do btw!) Hence why I’ve repurchased them both again and again! I honestly couldn’t recommend a product more!

A bonus is that you can use these sticks however you like; as liner, eyeshadow, all-over-the lid colour, you can apply it and then leave it or you can blend away to your heart’s content- the world really is your oyster! I like to apply ‘Bronzed Garnet’ under my waterline to draw emphasis to the eye as well as blend across my upper lid to add some depth. 

thumbnail_image11 (1)


Charlotte Tilbury ‘Colour Chameleon in Bronzed Garnet’ 


Charlotte Tilbury ‘Eyes To Mesmerise in ‘Marie Antoinette’ 

This pot is a little pot of gold – quite literally- and I’m in love with it. It’s a gorgeous oyster-gold shade and is so super creamy and blendable that a little goes a long way! This is beautiful applied on its own for a shimmery glowy look, but I personally used this on top of my Dolce Vita eyeshadow for this look, in the inner corners of my eyes and waterline to brighten up the area for a bit of extra pop! There are loads of fabulous colours to choose from and let’s be honest, the little pots are so mega adorable that they’d be amazing just sat on the dresser at home haha, never mind the actual eyeshadow!


thumbnail_image8 (1)
Charlotte Tilbury ‘Eyes To Mesmerise in Marie Antoinette’ 




And there we have it pumpkins! I finished off the look with a few coats of Maybelline ‘Oil Luscious’ mascara, MAC’s ‘Velvet Teddy’ lipstick and a dabbing of the ‘Prime’ shade from the ‘Dolce Vita’ palette across my lips to give an extra bit of glow! 

All the pics on the finished look are  below poppets! I’d love to know what you think! And have you got any Charlotte Tilbury products that you love and use every day? If so, I’d love to know what they are; I love new products to try! 

And what do you think of warm autumnal makeup looks, will you be re-creating any this season? 

Thanks for reading!

C x

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