My Winter Skincare Routine

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Good evening my magic marshmallows!

Hope you are all well! ♥

So Halloween has come and gone, firework celebrations have died down and we are officially in the countdown to Christmas! Which makes me so unbelievably happy, I don’t think I can even blinkin’ put it into words! Gimme some sparkly pink tinsel, whack on a Christmas playlist and I’m away I tell ya!

I’m also super excited to do Blogmas this year and as I am just way too hyped to get it started (and also not gonna lie- really not sure how uploading content every single day from the 1st until Christmas Eve is going to go), I’ve planned to start posting festive content THIS WEEK! Yes I know what you’re thinking- ‘eager much?’ Yes, very much so, but you know what, I’m not even ashamed. Time to jingle our bells and deck the blinkin’ halls because I’ve briefed 24 fabulous blog posts full of Christmassy magic to upload over the next month and a bit!

So there we go-  watch this space for upcoming festivities on the blog! But before that however, I thought I’d do a lil’ beauty post on my updated skincare routine for winter. So as we’re approaching that awfully cold weather where the wind is horrendously bitter and the air is quite literally ice, it’s about time to start switching up the skincare products because if you think about it, our face suffers a heck of a lot from the change in weather, so it only makes sense to adjust what products we’re using on our skin.

Now everyone is different; some of you may have much clearer, healthier skin in the summer (when it’s getting all those vitamins from the sun) and some of you may get fabulous skin in the colder months. (Personally, I’m one of the latter)- my skin definitely adapts well to the A/W season- why that is, I have no idea- but I 100% suffer more from oiliness and frequent breakouts in the hotter months.

But anyway, it begins to regulate itself and return to normal around about the time October hits- of course only to be blessed by glorious patches of dryness (which let’s be honest, we allll love right)? What’s winter without a flaky nose, lips, and cheeks eh? Now I know lots of people can’t stand dry skin and I can understand why; there’s no bones about it- it’s horrid to try deal with. But for some strange reason, it’s something I’d rather battle over oiliness and breakouts. So whether you absolutely loathe dry skin or whether you would prefer it over oil or spots; I’ve got a few dry skin saviours that are perfect for scrubbing away that flaky layer and replenishing some moisture!

B. Creamy Foam Cleanser

Now I’m a huge fan of this product (and of the whole ‘B’ range in fact) – which is available at Superdrug, so do check out the link in the title for all the deets! It’s an amazing hydrating cleanser that glides onto the skin super creamy, before foaming up into a mousse consistency. It smells really fresh and leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft with zero tightness! The rich formula gets right down to any impurities whilst leaving the skin comfortable and smooth, so it’s fab for drier skin that could do with a good bit of moisture!


St. Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub- Fresh Skin

Okay so this is probably one of my favourite drugstore facial scrubs of all time- it’s one of those where you just can’t go wrong. It’s not too harsh, but not too gentle, smells yummy and fresh, and exfoliates deep down to get rid of any dirt, flakiness and dull cells = revealing smooth, radiant skin!  It’s a great daily scrub, and a small amount goes a long way – so it lasts forever!


Goldfaden M.D. Doctor’s Scrub

Now this is a bit more on the pricey side, at a wincy £65 a pot. (Yeah, ouch). Now I don’t actually have the large 100ml pot myself, I purchased a smaller size (50ml) in the ‘Brightening Transformation Kit’

The kit is priced at a (not-so-bad) £40 which includes two other smaller sized items in the range, which I personally think is a great, affordable way to try out some new products and see if they’re suited to your skin type. Now despite the price (because I did myself um and ah over spending £40 a little while back), I can honestly say this is the best exfoliator I’ve ever had and my little 50ml pot is still kicking a year after purchase! A tiny speck is all that’s needed and it really gets to work, sloughing away at dead skin cells and scrubbing away any flakiness, to reveal a radiant glow and velvety-soft skin!

This is one of the very few skincare products that I have and would spend money on – it’s just so blinkin’ amazing and gives you a fabulous ‘at-home’ microdermabrasion treatment – that works just like a scrub! I would highly recommend it if you’re on the hunt for a really good, effective polish that eliminates dry patches and leaves your skin super smooth and soft!


Garnier Natural Rose Cleansing Milk- Sensitive Skin

This is such a lovely, light lotion enriched with rosewater, to soothe sensitive skin whilst removing makeup and impurities. I love using this after washing my face and before applying toner as it really leaves your skin feeling supple and soft (whilst also smelling great. Oh, and it’s pink)…


Simple Purifying Cleansing Lotion

Now, this is another all-time favourite of mine, I use it every single day- morning and night- and have done since my teenage years. And it really is exactly what it says on the bottle- ‘simple!’ Packed full of multi-vitamins but light and creamy with virtually no fragrance – it’s your basic all round cleanser that sinks deep into the skin, to replenish moisture without clogging pores.


Nivea Face Cream Rich Moisturiser

Oh, now I’m so in love with this fabulous little tube of goodness; it’s an amazing cream that nourishes deep down and really gives your dry skin the moisture it needs! It provides that comfortable, soft and supple feeling, which beats a tight face any day, am I right? Plus it doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy or slick like a lot of rich moisturisers do- so extra bonus points there. And not only that, but it smells delicious and acts as an amazing base for makeup as well, so all in all, it’s quite a nifty little product and so worth £4 or so.

And that’s my updated winter skincare routine for combatting dry skin this season! So what do you guys think- will you be purchasing any of the products in this post; or perhaps do you already use these in your routine? And does anyone else suffer with dry skin around this time of year? If so, I’d love to know what products you use to tackle flakiness- I’m always up for trying new bits and bobs on the market 🙂 

Thank you for reading! 

Until Blogmas! (*internal screaming*) eeeeeek

C ♥