The Fabulously Festive Gift Wrapping I’m Loving This Year

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Hope you are all well and welcome to my second Blogmas post! 

So today I wanted to do a short and sweet little ‘Gift Wrap Guide’, with a few links to the most prettiest and shiniest wrapping paper I’ve seen about so far this year! Whether you prefer good ol’ traditional – themed paper or love a few rolls of Disney, (*cough* me *cough*) there’s always something for everyone – no matter your taste!

Now personally I don’t tend to stick to a continuous theme every year, I usually just see what’s about and then purchase what most tickles my fancy! And I will say people, that Primark is absolutely KILLING IT this year! I purchased endless rolls of pretty Disney themed paper from there last month and I’m honestly obsessed! I can’t wait to get wrapping a load of pressies with them all!


All Primark


So first – the Mary Poppins gift wrap. It’s shiny metallic and pink (so that’s a no-brainer, let’s be honest) – which is made even more cute by the classic image of a flying Mary Poppins – so I just couldn’t resist!




I’m also loving this adorable yet subtle Bambi wrap; the pretty lavender shade, snowflake pattern and the occasional Bambi print makes for a simple, wintery and fun gift wrap that’s sure to impress any Disney fan!




And last but not least; the Grinch is back to celebrate the 2018 re-make of the film -meaning a ton of Grinch clothing and homeware is LITERALY EVERYWHERE in stores and online! And I’m not complaining because I’m quite possibly The Grinch’s biggest fan, especially after picking up a few shiny rolls of this fabulous wrap! I mean, need I say any more? Just look at it, it’s bloody amazing!

So if you haven’t already spotted and snatched these up in Primark; make sure to get down to a local store in the next couple weeks before all the gift wrap begins to sell out fast!

A few other gorgeous gift wrap bits and bobs have caught my eye over the last few weeks, (I just honestly wish I could have them all, haha)! – so anyway I’ve linked them below for you to browse – hopefully you find something you love! Got a suspicious feeling I may end up purchasing a few of these myself..not that I need any more wrap but oh well) Happy Shopping! x

Matalan 3 Pack Glitter Christmas Gift Bags  £4.00

Matalan 10 Pack Unicorn Christmas Gift Tags  £1.00

Matalan Let It Snow Christmas Wrapping Paper & Gift Tag Set £5.00

Matalan Tartan Stag Christmas Wrapping Paper and Gift Tag Set £5.00

Matalan 3 Pack Pink Fizz Christmas Gift Bags £4.00

Matalan Mixed Christmas Gift Wrap Accessories £3.00

Matalan 20 Pack Glitter Christmas Tags £2.00

Matalan Glitter Christmas Tree Wrapping Paper £3.00

Matalan Stripe Glitter Christmas Gift Bag £2.50

Next Disney Princess Christmas Roll Wrap £3.50


I’d love to know what gift wrap theme you’re going for this year and if you haven’t yet decided, what have you seen that you love!?

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