The Prettiest Sparkle Nail Polishes That Are Perfect For The Festive Season (And Only £3.99)

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Hello my glittery gold tree toppers! Happy 22nd December! (*minion voice* ‘whaaaaaattt’)! How on earth has Xmas crept up so blinkin fast, eh? I am so excited I could burst! Who’s got all their shopping and wrapping done? X 

Today’s post is all about my new little nail polish discoveries, that I think are just perfect for the party season! At only £3.99, you really can’t go wrong with them plus the quality is amazeballs and there are sooo many colours to choose from! AND they’re only from blinkin’ H&M! Now H&M releasing a whopping beauty range is nothing new as far as I’m aware, but I really had no idea how huge their nail polish selection was!


L-R: H&M ‘Daybreak’ ‘Cashmere’ ‘Bijoux’




Nail polish: H&M ‘Bijoux’


Now the other day whilst out Xmas shopping, I managed to spend about half an hour browsing the nail section in H&M trying to narrow down about 15 polishes to purchase- the struggle! I eventually decided on 3 fabulous polishes that I think are just gorgeous for this time of year! At £3.99 they were such a good find and I’m so impressed by the quality of them as well!

I opted for ‘Daybreak’ (a subtle, pearlescent milky-pink), ‘Bijoux’ (a rose gold glitter that isn’t too sheer and isn’t too chunky), and ‘Cashmere’ (a shimmery mauvey- grey). They’re really lovely polishes to have for the party season as all the colours will go with pretty much everything! So whether you’ve got plans for Xmas, New Years or anything in between; these polishes will suit all occasions whilst adding a festive touch to your outfits (and without the worry of your nails clashing with your clothes because I think we all know how gutting that is!)

Shop the nail range here but definitely head to your nearest H&M store as I believe there’s usually a wider selection in store!


Nail polishModel


Nail polish - Bijoux - Ladies | H&M GB 1


Nail polish - Cashmere - Ladies | H&M GB 1


So what are we thinking of H&M nail polishes people? Are any of you loving them; if so I’d love some colour recommendations! And if not, will you be adding them to your Xmas list? Thank you for reading as always! 

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