A Look Back At 2018 And My Goals And Aims For The New Year

Good evening lovelies and a Happy New Year! ♥

It’s 2019! Whatttt on earth! Hope you’ve all had reasonable starts to the month we all dread – (Jan is always a bit of a dodgy one isn’t it)? What day is it? Should I be at work right now? Haha! But I feel like we’re at a point now where everyone’s settled back into their normal routines and we’re back on track! The last of the Quality Streets have been hoovered up and the Christmas trees are back up in the loft – let’s do this thang!

So usually I’d be a bit of an emotional mess around about this time (I always seem to suffer from severe festive withdrawal symptoms throughout Jan), but I’ve actually been okay! Instead of being consumed with that overwhelming dread for the new year ahead, I’ve actually been super excited to get planning some goals for 2019!

And so I’m gonna kick start the new year with a resolutions blog post! How very original eh? I personally love these kind of posts, anyone else find them really therapeutic and cleansing to write out?! Love me a good plan I do! 

So anyway, do grab a cuppa and have a read!  Happy 2019 beauties!

C x 

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Personal Goals For 2019

  • To make the most of every day and enjoy life to the full (even on the most boring days). This is something I try my hardest to do anyway, but I want to really see the best in things as much as I can this year. It can be super easy to get wrapped up in our daily working lives and trudge on doing the ‘same old’ without really taking in the lovely things we have around us. And I think that’s completely normal! It’s ok to not always be ok and we all have our down days where we can’t see the good in anything, and all we want to do is cuddle up under our duvets and cry ourselves to sleep. But I think those days are healthy, we need them to get us back on track! So this year, I want to appreciate the little things more and spend valuable time with loved ones as much as I can. 2018 was a goodun’ of a year, I laughed loads and created so many special memories – so here’s to hoping 2019 is the same!




  • To treat my body a little better. Now I’m not a healthy person, I know that and I never will be a super fit gym fanatic. I wish I was, but I’m just not. I’m afraid I love my burgers a bit too much for that. However, as far as my diet goes, it’s rather bad. I don’t eat enough fruit or veg, definitely don’t drink enough water and the only exercise I get in is a bit of walking. I also have an extremely sweet tooth, my days usually consist of a muffin here and a pack of Rich Teas there, you know what I’m saying? Fortunately, I’m a petite build and weight is not something I necessarily worry about as I’m shovelling an XL Burger King into my gob- I have genes to thank for that (cheers Mum)! But that’s not to say I’m fit and healthy, after all they do say ‘thin on the outside, fat on the inside’, don’t they? And feeling sluggish and bloated is something I suffer with frequently and I’m certain it’s down to my diet. So I have vowed to myself to treat my body with the respect it deserves – I’m going to ensure I’m giving my body the nourishment it needs! Meaning, plenty of water on a daily basis (I’m going to aim for 5-6 glasses a day, which is a lot for me to start off with as I virtually don’t drink any at the moment), and consume less carbs. Now I just LOVE bread, sausage rolls, pasta, pizza (anything that bloats you out basically) – but I’m going to cut that right down. Instead, I’m aiming to choose lighter options such as crackers and wholemeal bread (blugh, yes I just said that) and crisps are a no-go! Finally, I’m hoping to cram in as much veg as I can every day, whilst switching my fave sugary snacks for fruit! I do love my fruit but I definitely would choose a custard doughnut over a handful of grapes any day! However, I’m determined to fill that craving, with a refreshing bowl of fruit! And weekends are going to be treat days where I can eat what I like without feeling guilty! So here’s to hoping this all goes to plan! If anyone has any tips and tricks on staying on track with a food diet, do please leave them in the comments!



  • To visit and explore more places. I’ve always been a bit of a home bird, I never moved away for uni and I had to eventually quit a job that required me to stay away from home, as I couldn’t emotionally cope with being away from my family. I’m not entirely sure where this has originated from, because I know lots of people my age would be straight out the family home at the nearest opportunity! And that’s something I wish I could do in a way! I love the comfort of my home and my loved ones too much to just up and leave, which I think is probably why I have never branched too far out of my town! However in 2018, without even realising it, myself and my boyfriend visited and explored lots of little places around the UK! Sometimes it was just a day trip and others it was a long weekend away, but we experienced some fab new places that we didn’t even think we’d enjoy! And not even once, did I feel unsettled or nervy, but instead just really excited and happy! Which makes me think, that who you’re with whilst you’re doing these things, must really make a difference. My boyfriend and I have been together for a long time now, and know each other like the back of our hands. He’s family, a best friend and a partner in crime! But we’ve never been the adventurous type – staying in in our trackies with a Dominoes is pretty much our idea of a day out! But exploring new places with your special other half, really does  makes everything that bit more comforting I think, and it’s lovely to be able to find new places to experience together! Which is why I am so excited to carry that on into this year! We have a holiday booked (which is just around the corner), currently planning another possible one for the summer, as well as lots of little random days out! Anyone else looking forward to finding new places to visit this year? 




Goals For The Blog 2019

  • To develop my photography skills and focus my content on fashion and style. Now I absolutely love putting together outfits and fishing out accessories to match, but it’s just not something that I’ve focused on a whole lot in my first year of entering the blogging world. As I’m sure you’ve noticed if you’ve followed me along my journey, I’ve focused a lot of my content on beauty and lifestyle, which I’ve really enjoyed creating and writing about! I’ve uploaded the odd style post here and there, but I’d love to do a bit more of that throughout 2019! Now I’m not saying I’m going to completely rule out beauty and lifestyle; please do still expect plenty of lippy and homeware posts haha! I am just aiming to get some more fashion uploads up on the blog, as I do love a good outfit and pair of shoes (I mean who doesn’t right)?! I think it’s easy for a new blogger to be intimidated by more established blogger’s posts on social media – (I know I am for sure)! It seems like every other gal has Topshop’s newest items, is alwaysss on top of the latest trends, and is being gifted the entirety of New Look’s current wardrobe! I mean – goals right!? I think we all know that this is not the sitch for the majority of us, and that’s ok! Don’t get me wrong, I love scrolling through Instagram, double tapping lavish posts and longing for the luxurious lifestyles everyone else seems to be living, but I guess sometimes it’s a bit unhealthy for those of us who are leading a very normal life. Leading me on to my next point…


  • To stop comparing. I could warble on for hours and hours about this subject but I’m not going to (no doubt you’re close to tears, you’re that bored haha)! Me being little me, I’m actually more than happy. I have everything you could want in life, a loving and supportive family, a fab bunch of friends, the best boyfriend in the world and a great job that I’m really enjoying! Sure, it may not pay too much, but it does the job (scuse the pun) and I’m surrounded by an amazing work team every day, who I love to bits! I have a healthy work/home life balance and love doing my blogging on the side as a main hobby. Why should I be unhappy? Why should I put myself down? Why can’t I be content with things just how they are whilst striving to be a better me at the same time? Truth is, I’m not unhappy, I don’t often put myself down and I am content with how things are. It is also the truth however, that I do get knock backs from time to time (with social media being a huge influence). And that’s when you realise; the comparison game has kicked in. You were pretty chuffed with your Topshop boots that you snatched up in the January sales, before you saw the photo of the influencer with the 100k following, 10 pairs of Louboutin’s, and a house that is quite literally in your ‘Dream Home’ Pinterest board right now. You were happy with how your latest flatlay turned out but right before posting it, you notice someone’s done a much ‘better’, more professional one. I could go on, but I think many can relate. Now I think it’s great to be determined and work hard for what you want, but I also think it’s a case of ‘being real.’ You are you, you’re doing great, you’re happy, and that’s all you need. Keep striving to be a better version of yourself, surround yourself with lots of love from those who get you and live life to the fullest – you can’t beat that.


  • To shorten the waffling I’m doing right now. (Aka. to cut out the lengthy paragraphs you see in most of my posts). Instead, you shall have more pretty pictures to look at. That is all.*



*Omdayz that was hard


C ♥




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