Glorious Gifts Galore!


Thank you for popping by! So today’s post is all abut the lovely little bits and bobs I was kindly gifted for my 23rd birthday and Christmas!  (Yes, unfortunately the two occasions are 5 days apart which isn’t fun, I’ll tell you that for free) but anyway, I thought I’d compile my favourites into a really quick post as they’re all just way too adorable not to share! 


Instax Mini 8 Camera – I’ve bellyached for this polaroid camera for aageesss and was bouncing off the bloody ceilings when my boyfriend said he’d buy me it for Christmas! It’s a gorgeous, pastel bubblegum pink colour and I literally haven’t stopped carrying it around like a little baby since I opened it, haha! I love snapping photos wherever I go, so this is the perfect little gadget to create special, ‘in the moment’ pics that can be kept forever! I was also treated to a pink fluffy Instax photo album by two friends, which I can’t wait to start collaging my mini photos into!


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Owl Shorts PJ Set and Pom Pom Slippers, Boux Avenue- My boyfriend’s mum got me some adooorablleee little PJ’s from Boux Avenue which I am just obsessed with! They’re the softest material ever and the owl design is so cute! She also kindly bought me the softest, fluffiest, most bouncy/cushiony slip on, pom-pom mule slippers! They go so well together and truly make for a cosy evening in! In love! β™₯


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Pink & Sparkly Backless Loafers, ASOS (AAAA) – I bloody LOVE these people; just look at themmm! My bestie treated me to these little beauties, and I’m just obsessed! Pretty sure we both found these online on ASOS ages ago and had a mini meltdown over them haha! She only went and then bloody bought them for me! Definitely one of my favourite pressies from Christmas 2018- can’t wait to find a special occasion to wear these to!


NEXT ‘Just Pink’ – One of my go-to girly perfumes for every day wear! I get stocked up on this every Christmas and love it! It’s such a pretty, floral scent that is perfect for any occasion! (Plus the bottle is blinkin’ adorable and looks gorgeous on your dresser)!



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‘Love Knot’ Ring,  Pandora- I was treated to this gorgeous silver ring by my boyfriend, and I’m in love with it! Just haven’t stopped wearing! It’s knot detail is subtle and dainty and the diamonds literally sparkle in the light; sooo pretty! A new Pandora favourite!



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Pastel Alpaca, Jellycat- If you haven’t heard of Jellycat, you honestly need to go check out their site online immeeediately! It’s basically cute + fluffy toy galore and I quite literally need all of them in my life! (No joke). I’ve had my eye on this fabby pastel multicoloured alpaca for about a year now (and was with my best friend when I first clocked eyes on it in town one day). I kinda nearly cried when I opened him up at Christmas haha, (my bestie is just too good to me) and he’s now sat on my bed amongst my fluffy cushions, looking all colourful and jazzy! The little things in life eh? πŸ˜‰

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Urban Decay ‘All Nighter’ Setting Spray – A makeup spray that I’ve seen and heard soo many people rave about but have never actually tried! After finally getting my mitts on it, I can safely say – it’s the BEST!



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Leopard Print Bed Socks, New Look – I luuurrvee me some warm fluffy socks, so leopard print warm, fluffy socks is just the icing on the cake! Can’t stop wearing them!




Marie Bath Milk, TruffleShuffle – You can’t really go wrong with Disney bath products  can you, and I’ve come to the decision that from now on I will always have products like this ‘Marie Bath Milk’ in my life! Let’s be honest, bath time is just that bit more special with Disney!





Leopard Fur Ear Muffs, New Look – My other bestie treated me to these glorious leopard print fur ear warmers that I am in love with! I haven’t yet had a chance to wear these, but as we’ve been greeted by a sprinkling of snow today across the UK, and the weather is pretty damn Baltic, I think it’s time to whack them out! Can’t wait!



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Jo Malone ‘Peony And Blush Suede’ Cologne – My boyfriend surprised me with my all time favourite Jo Malone scent – which I was over the moon about! It’s not exactly a fragrance I would just go out and buy for myself (as it’s pretty damn pricey), so I was so so happy to open my first ever bottle on my birthday! It’s such a gorgeous, sweet, floral scent that lasts all day long- would highly recommend popping into a store when you next can and giving it a spritz, girlies! To make it even more special, my boyfriend added a sweet, engraved message on the bottom of the bottle which was such a lovly personal touch and made me feel a tad emotional haha!



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Boux Avenue ‘Pink Taffeta’ Room Spray and Candle – These are the dreamiest scents ever and I just can’t get enough of them! I’ve been using the scented lingerie bags in ‘Pink Taffeta’ for a couple years now, so to open a candle and room spray in exactly the same scent was so exciting! Can’t wait to try them out! (Just so scared to use them up haha!)






Thank you ever so much for checking out this post lovelies, I hope you enjoyed and do let me know if you have any of these little gifts yourself and what you think of them! 

C β™₯


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