That’s So Sketch!


Hello lovelies! ♥ I hope you are all well! 

So tonight I thought I’d do a lil’ post about my blinkin’ fabulously pink-filled visit to Sketch London for my 23rd! (With more photos than waffle, I promise haha) ! 😉 It’s a place I’ve wanted to visit for years so I was mega excited when I managed to get a booking at The Gallery for their famous afternoon tea! 







Nestled in Conduit Street, Mayfair – Sketch is a quirky, artistic restaurant with glorious, themed rooms and unbelievable interior! I’d booked a table for 5 in The Gallery ( I believe you can only book up to 5 people for afternoon tea), so you’re rather limited to who can come along but nonetheless 5 is a good number and as soon as you walk into the room, it’s understandable why there’s a maximum limit!

There’s such a serene, gentle atmosphere to The Gallery, that too many people would for sure overwhelm that – there’s tranquil music playing as you enter and friendly waiting staff to greet you – this is no Beefeater, trust me haha!

Now the well known Gallery room is famous for it’s luxurious, pink décor; and it’s definitely been seen on countless blogger’s Instagram’s and Made In Chelsea episodes over and over again! But there is truly nothing like actually being there to see it in person, I was so overwhelmed by it all! Once myself, my sis, and my boyfriend’s mum and sister were all seated around our little table, we didn’t reach for our menu’s for about 10-15 minutes, as we were just gawping at the insane scenery around us! From the plush, pink booths and clam shaped chairs, to the decorated walls and glittering bar, everything was a dream to experience!





So anyway , we all opted for either the Champagne Afternoon Tea or the Alcohol-Free Bubbly Afternoon Tea, which were both around £80 (yes I know, ouch) but oh my gosh was it worth it! Before I get onto the food; let’s talk about the magnificent crockery!

All of their cups, sugar bowls and even milk jugs are designed to be super quirky and fun; making your teatime at Sketch extra amazing! With words such as ‘Dreams’ ‘Forget About It’ and ‘It’s Not Ok,’ etched into the crockery, you will definitely feel like a right sass-pot poring your tea haha!






Now for the food! Truthfully, this was a rather odd experience for me, as I’m not one for trying out fancy new nibbles; I prefer to play it safe with some fries and a baguette, you know what I mean? Haha! Now I couldn’t quite tell you exactly what was included in our afternoon tea either, because I’m not too sure myself if I’m honest! It definitely wasn’t your standard tea, cake and scone I’ll tell ya that!

So, as well as scones with cream and jam, endless pots of tea and a delightful little selection of cakes; we had a fancy egg starter (again, I couldn’t tell you what it was exactly), twisty marshmallows, mini fruit sundaes, an assortment of finger sandwiches (the coronation chicken being my personal fave) and a Christmassy yule log slice to top it all off! I have never felt so stuffed on such tiny picky bits- well worth the pennies I must say!



The egg pod toilets were crazy! Who doesn’t love to feel like they’re about to be launched into outer space whilst having a wee, eh?




So thank you for reading my little teapots and I hope you enjoyed this post! Who else has visited Sketch, and if not- will you be taking a trip there any time soon? I now have a new found love for afternoon tea, so if anyone has any recommendations for fabulous afternoon tea places, I’d love to know! Speak soon, lovelies!

C ♥




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