Our Holiday To Fuerteventura

Good evening! ♥

As the UK is currently battling through Kansas-style weather conditions, I thought I’d give you all a little summery snippet into our recent holiday to the Canary Islands! 








It was a gorgeous chilled week away, and I’d absolutely say Fuerteventura is a perfect holiday destination for couples who are after a relaxing getaway – with minimal partying and maximum peace, haha! Of course, you’re able to make your way to the local towns to experience the ‘party life’ and bars, but as it is a small island, there isn’t masses and masses of things to do. The experiences you can do there are absolutely amazing and the views and sights you get to soak in are really fabulous. But I’d personally say that Fuerteventura is best for those who are after a relaxing, low-key, chill-by-the-pool sort of break (which was right up our street!)


We stayed at the Occidental Jandia Playa hotel which I will link here, and it was an amazing stay! Our room and bathroom was large and spacious and there was plenty of clothes storage and space to move around. We had a fridge which was extremely handy for our bottles of water, controllable air con (again- yes please) and a balcony with a sea view which was beautiful.


We went all inclusive on our stay which was the best thing I think we’ve ever done because the food was bloody in-cred-ible. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner provided you with the biggest selection of food I’ve EVER seen on holiday! There was so much to choose from that I just couldn’t stick to one dish – I’d pile my plate high every day with pasta, pizza, tortillas, chips, rice, burgers – honestly the LOT! Breakfast was pretty much the same every day but it was super yummy and gave you a selection of pretty much everything possible – pancakes to fried brekkie to cereal to churros – so there was always something for everyone. Lunch and dinner were slightly different each day, but they would always include pizza, chips, pasta, salad, fruit and cheeses so it really did cater to everyone which was super handy because we love to stick to what we know! Desserts would also always include mousses, yogurts, ice cream and fruit and then there were different cakes and trifles each night. So honestly guys, you cannot go wrong with this place!


Soft drinks, wine and fizz were always available – you can just go up and pour however much you want, whenever you want (I know – amazing right) and every day without fail, we’d make full use of the snack bar which was located next to the pools, where you can go and grab drinks to take back to the poolside and snack on burgers, hot dogs and my absolute faves- ham croquettes. Now I went through God knows how many of these whilst we were away – they were just BEAUT. I don’t have a clue why I was so addicted to them but oh my gosh, I piled them on my plate every single day and made sure to hoover up every single one, haha!


The hotel complex in general was absolutely MAHOOSIVE! As well as the main building which had a huge reception area, about 3 floors, 2 bars, 2 pools and a few dining areas, there were 8 (perhaps even more) blocks of accommodation! We stayed in block 8 and that was about a 4 or 5 minute walk to the main building so it wasn’t too bad at all! Cleaners would thoroughly clean and tidy your room every day (unless you put the little sign out that asks them not to) and there isn’t a part of the hotel that is not gleaming I’ll tell ya that! We were a short 10 minute walk or so to the beach which was just out the back of the hotel and there was also seafront shops and cafes including a Spar and a Burger King! So this place really does have everything you may possibly need!

The staff on reception were welcoming and friendly and the catering staff that you saw at meals every day were super chatty and lovely and made sure you had everything you needed!


So finallyyyy – in regards to what we actually did whilst we were there – not a great deal in all honesty. But that suited us just fine and it was exactly what we were expecting out of the holiday! We had a few days where we just pottered around the hotel, ate, slept and sunbathed which was frickin’ BLISS and we spent another day at Fuerteventura’s wildlife park, ‘Oasis Park’ which is the only one on the island! (If you follow me on Instagram- you’ll know all about it, trust me) x




It was the best animal experience we’ve ever had, and it enabled you to get up close and personal with the animals, whilst learning all about them and the park itself! It was just AMAZING. We bought the VIP ticket which meant you bimbled around with a group of others led by a tour guide who took you to all the animal shows and experiences and taught you all about the animals, getting you involved along the way – which was something I feel you don’t get much of in the UK. So it was very refreshing to experience the animals in a different way than you would back home. They really take care of their animals and treat them with so much love, and the animals in turn are so tame and comfortable around humans which was lovely. Our personal favourites were the giraffes (which we fed and oh my gosh it was so blinkin incredible) and the lemurs (which would bounce off your head, sit on your shoulder and clamber all over you without a care in the world)! It was so incredible and special and if ever you go to Fuerteventura- definitely take a day out to Oasis Park – you won’t regret it!


And the only other activity we took the time out to do (that was beyond the hotel walls), was of course a wander down to the beach! We only spent an afternoon at the beach but it was more than enough to soak in the views around us and appreciate the white sands and blue sea – (it’s by far the most beautiful I’ve ever been to). It’s a super windy island so there is always a strong breeze which made it also one of the most stressful beaches I’ve ever been to, haha! Trying to hold down a beach towel, hold on a hat and take pictures with a Polaroid is harder than it looks guys!




So that is that – our trip to Fuerteventura in a nutshell! It’s a place I would highly recommend for those who fancy a chilled out holiday, (it’s very much suited to families as well as just couples), but I do think the tranquillity of the island is perfect to visit with some friends or your other half to get away for a quiet break soaking up the views and rays . . . xo




So I do hope you’ve enjoyed this post lovelies! Let me know what you think and I’d love to know if you’ve ever been to Fuerteventura or if you’re thinking about going! 

C ♥







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