My March Beauty Favourites




Hello fluffy chicks and a Happy Easter Monday! ♥  

I hope you are all well and have had a really lovely bank holiday weekend! (Who else has over-indulged on chocolate eggs?)

So I have fiinallyy got round to posting my March Favourites! I definitely overestimated myself at the end of last month by thinking I could get this up on the blog, amongst a ton of other bits and bobs going on! I feel like things have been super busy, am I the only one? Madness!

So anyway, here we are, it’s arrived at long last and I basically wanted to give you guys a little insight into some beauty products I’ve really been loving and using lots of over the last few weeks! I’m gonna try not to waffle on about them and just get straight into the deets, so do let me know in the comments if there is anything else you’d like to know and I’ll get back to you! X


By Terry ‘Baume De Rose’


So first up, is my new holy grail in a pot. Honestly, it’s absolute heaven. This is ‘By Terry’s Baume De Rose’ lip balm and I actually purchased this mini size whilst away on holiday at the beginning of March. I’d heard such good things about it from other bloggers and was very tempted to give it a go but as ‘By Terry’ is a brand that is a little more on the pricey side, I managed to resist and planned to pop it on my Christmas list, haha! So anyway, when I clocked eyes on this lil travel size whilst I was away (for a lot less pennies by the way), I had to give it a blinkin’ go didn’t I! And guys, I am so pleased I did!

For a start, it’s nearly been two months and I’ve barely dipped into it- and I’ve been using it every day! That’s how little product needs to be applied! It’s a really gorgeous consistency, not oily or slidey but veryyy moisturising and hydrating! It smells divine as well (literally like Turkish Delight!) which makes it a dream to apply. And if you’re like me and wear lipstick every day, this is a life saver for sorting out any dryness! If there was one product I’d recommend the most from this post, it’s this! Definitely one to check out if you’re after a new lip balm 🙂 You can find it online on the By Terry website, or other stores such as Cult Beauty and John Lewis.


Essence Matt Bronzing Powder ‘002 Sunny’


Okay, so next up is this humungoussss bronzer from ‘Essence’ cosmetics that cost me the best part of about £4! Now again, this is actually something that I purchased abroad on holiday, as the bronzer that I took got smashed to pieces on the flight (why do bad things happen to good people?!) So the day after we arrived, I went exploring for anything cheap and cheerful to get me through the holiday, and this was the first thing I came across! A huge Essence stand in the local Spar store, ya can’t go wrong can ya, haha! Now I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’d not tried Essence until then and I so wish I had! I believe you may be able to get this brand in ‘Wilko’ stores but don’t quote me on that as I’m not 100% – and they do have a UK website that you can check out if not!

This really did the job on holiday and I honestly haven’t stopped using it since! In fact, I don’t think I’ve even reached for my bronzers at home! It gives you a really lovely golden glow and can also be dipped into with a big buffer brush for sweeping over your chest and arms if you wanted as well! The sad thing is, I’ve now massively hit pan and need to purchase another so I’ll be going on a hunt soon to track that down in the UK!


Essence Matt Touch Blush ’10 Peach Me Up’


This is another little beauty of a product, I believe it was around £2 and I absolutely love it! It gives a gorgeous peachy pop of colour and looks really cute applied to the apples of your cheeks – perfect for spring! A really lovely find and something you should definitely hunt down if you’re after an affordable new blush!


Revolution Lipstick and Lip liner in ‘Greatest’




Right, now I could waffle on about Revolution products foreverrrr but I’m not going to- I’m going to restrain myself haha! All I’m going to say is this shade is the most perfect dupe for Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Pillow Talk’. I mean, need I say anymore? Now don’t get me wrong, I love Tilbury’s ‘Pillow Talk’, (I’d say the shade is a firm second favourite of mine after Mac’s ‘Velvet Teddy)’ but at around £24 for the lipstick and £16 for the liner, it can all start to get a little pricey every time you run low on the lil’ devils! So in my opinion – Revolution’s lipstick/ liner in the shade ‘Greatest’ are fabby penny-saving finds that’ll give you that perfect pinky nude colour and have people think you’re wearing ‘Pillow Talk!’ And at £2, you really can’t grumble!


Essence Stay True 6hr Waterproof Lipliner in ’01 Rose Mood’




Another lip product of course- this Essence liner is a gorgeous plum colour that’s perfect for lining lips before a deep lipstick or just applying all over on it’s own! I purchased it thinking it was going to be a slightly more rosey nude, however it’s actually a dark purpley/brown nude that comes up quite dark on the lips. Nonetheless, it’s still a lovely colour and is perfect for date night or an evening out with the girls! (Essence lip liners also have the same creamy consistency as Revolution lip liners so would highly  recommend if you’re a lover of a soft lippy!)


Revolution Iconic Pro Lipstick in ‘Looking Ahead’




And back to Revolution, haha! I purchased this for about £2 I believe and it’s one of my most used lippies! It’s super creamy to apply and very comfortable on the lips- none of that horrible creasing/sliding + flaking off business! It reminds me very much of Mac’s ‘Whirl’ or ‘Twig’ so if you love those- this is a perfect dupe!


Revolution Pro Supreme Matte Lip Pigment in ‘Imagine’




And last but not least, this fabulous matte lipstick in the prettiesttt deep pink shade! It’s perfect paired with a simple eye for a daytime spring look and also makes for a lovely holiday shade for those evenings out! I wore this quite a lot when we were away with just some bronzer, highlighter and very toned down eyes. I will say though, this is an absolute nightmare to get off – it just doesn’t budge guys! So make sure you’ve got some good makeup remover to hand and the good news is that it won’t fade or rub off whilst you’ve got it on, so it’s worth it I guess haha!


And we’re done! Those are my March Beauty Favourites and if you’d like to actually see how a few of these look on, head over to my Instagram (linked below), and check out my IGTV channel where you’ll find a 10 minute tutorial on my recent fave makeup products, including By Terry’s ‘Baume De Rose’ and the Essence bronzer and blush I’ve written about in this post.

So I hope you enjoyed beauties! Let me know what you think in the comments and I’ll speak to ya soon! X

C ♥