My New Updated Lashcare Routine

Hello my little spring chickens! ♥

I hope you are all well and having a lovely chilled Bank Holiday!

Now I’ve recently been trying out some some new products that have been working an absolute treat on my lashes, so I really wanted to upload a blog post all about them, what they do and why they’re so blinking (lol, a pun) amazing! The best thing is that they’re all completely affordable which is always ideal, as I was previously using Lilash Serum (which I adore and I’m sure will go back to), but at around £70 a tube, it’s sometimes just too far a stretch.




Mavala Eye-Lite Double Lash 

Ok, now I loooveee this little product and if I had to pick just the one that I’d carry on using from this blog post, it’s this! I believe I purchased this for around £13 (however it is different prices on different websites so do just have a browse) but I think that’s quite affordable and in my opinion, it’s well worth the pennies anyway!

So, you’re probs thinking- ‘right ok so what actually is it gal’. Well I was thinking exactly the same before it arrived in the post- was it a serum? A squeezy kinda tube?? What was it and what was the product going to actually look like? I guessed a serum but once I’d opened it up, I discovered a tinyyy little bottle with a screw on top that actually turned out to be a mascara – like wand! Which was completely unexpected but it’s such a handy little design! And the actual product- it’s basically a clear, (not too thick) serum or gel if you like, that is obviously already on the wand and you just brush that through your lashes every evening before bed – literally just like you’re applying mascara! It’s so odd because my mum popped in my room one evening when I was brushing it on and she was like ‘why you putting mascara on before bed?’ Haha!

A few minutes after applying, it then begins to sort of harden your lashes, covering and protecting them throughout the night. So in a nutshell, the product itself is basically a nutritive treatment that strengthens and lengthens your lashes, making them healthier and more resistant over time!


Mavala Eye-Lite ‘Double Lash’


I absolutely love it and I can really notice the difference in my lashes! They appear to be much stronger and less prone to falling out so for £13, I really don’t think you can grumble about that!










KIKO 30 Days Extension – Daily Treatment Mascara 

Now Kiko Cosmetics is a brand that I love love love, but I’m always really unsure as to whether anyone else likes it or has even heard of it! So if you’re the latter, you should absolutely check it out because you’re missing out on some crazy good makeup bargains! If you have a local KIKO store – I’d recommend you go visit because the stores are always so immaculate and perfect and quite often there’ll always be some amazing deals and reduced prices so you can purchase some products for even just a few pounds sometimes – (ideal if you’re unsure of the brand)! They also have a huge range of skincare, beauty tools, nail care and polishes which is available on the website too so definitely go and have a little browse- I think you’ll love it!


KIKO 30 Days Extension – Daily Treatment Mascara 


So above is KIKO’s ’30 Days Extensions Mascara’, which I’ll honestly say guys- I haven’t used a lot of since I purchased! I have however used it a few times and really liked it! It contains a special lash growth enhancer treatment which acts on the natural lash development cycle, however this isn’t something I can really review as I definitely haven’t used enough of it! So I’m going to make a promise to myself to get using it as much as I can, and see if it really does work!


KIKO 30 Days Extension – Night Treatment Booster 

Following on from that, I also purchased the ’30 Days Night Treatment Booster’ which is a gel lash lengthener that acts very similarly to the mascara! Now this is something that I have been using every day, haha! And it’s a really amazing product! Now as I’ve actually been using it in conjunction with Mavala’s Double Lash treatment every night, I’m unsure as to which product is doing the most work but none the less, its a great product that feels lovely brushed onto the lashes (it’s the same mascara wand design as Double Lash) and I really think it’s been significantly strengthening my lashes! Would definitely recommend if you’re after an affordable, simple product to help protect your lashes ♥


KIKO 30 Days Extension – Night Treatment Booster 


KIKO Unmeasurable Length Fibers Extension Effect Mascara

I LOVE this mascara people. I don’t really know what to say other than, it’s a clump free, buildable, fiber mascara (without the nasty, flaky, ick fibres) with the softest wand bristles everrrrrrr, so it’s honestly a dream to apply! I wouldn’t say it gives the darkest, most intense look that I’ve ever had, but it’s the softest mascara I’ve ever encountered (if that makes any sense at all, not sure it does Courtney). So, yes yes yes. Check this out via the links above and below to shop if you’re interested.


KIKO Unmeasurable Length Fibers Extension Effect Mascara




And there we go! My new favourite little lashcare products that I’ve recently added into my daily routine! I hope you enjoyed and do let me know if you’ve tried any of these or even if you have any other lash treatments that you’d recommend! Always up for new things!

Thanks for reading!

C ♥

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