The Cutest (And Comfiest) Outfit I’ve Been Wearing To Kick Start Spring

evening my lovelies! ♥

I wanted to do a really quick post on a little outfit I’ve been wearing a lot of over the last few weeks, featuring a really cute tee from New Look that I think you’ll love! 


So my favourite thing to be is comfy, as I’m sure the majority of you would agree, it’s just the best bloody thing, right? I love to dress up and wear fancy pieces, but I am far more happier in my boyfriend jeans and a t shirt. Now the UK weather has thrown us British all out of sorts this weekend by surprising us with a sweltering heatwave (which is a bit random for this time of year), so we’re all kinda not sure what to do with ourselves! Safe to say, this Easter bank holiday I was not in my jeans and trainers, just because it was way too blimmin’ hot for that! But up until now, I’ve been wearing this outfit on repeat for the last three or so weeks so have more than likely done it to death but who cares eh!?

Now I’ve just spent about half an hour trying to find this t-shirt online to link for you guys – but unfortunately I can’t find it anywhere! This may be something that is still in stores however, so do go browsing if you’re interested – I believe it was around £10 if that helps you on the hunt! And I’ve found a very similar Urban Outfitters one which I will link right here so do check that out if you want a lookalike 🙂

I’ve noticed there’s a ton of these floral t-shirts about for spring time though, so don’t fret if you can’t find one for you just yet- there’ll be loads available right into summer I’m sure, so one will be bound to come up!

So, the rest of the outfit; I’ve been wearing my tee tucked into my trusty boyfriend jeans (which are from Miss Selfridge, I nabbed them for about a tenner in the sale last year but I’ve found a lookalike pair from Boohoo for ya) – linked here. These are the comfiest pair of baggy jeans I’ve ever owned and the quality is amazing so I get as much wear out of them as I possibly can, whatever the season!

I’ve been teaming the outfit with my Converses, because ya can’t go wrong with Converse’s can you! And I’ve also been getting a lot of use out of this gorgeous mini croc bag from New Look – it’s such a lovely pink colour with a removable gold chain – perfect for adding a splash of colour for spring time! Plus it’s only a blinkin tenner anddd I’ve found it on the website- here! I love a tiny lil bag that I can just shove some money and my phone in and go, so this is perfect if you like that too!






Now for the jewellery! I’m really loving the necklace layering trend that’s been going around recently, I think it looks really pretty against a plain tee or sweatshirt. I managed to purchase this Liars and Lovers locket pendant from ASOS for about £2 which I was really chuffed about! And I believe the rose pendant was about £3 in the Nasty Gal sale, so they were both absolute bargains! They seem to work really well together so I thought I’d try them against my white floral tee- and it seems to go lovely! Now as there’s a lot of gold going on here, I’ve been pairing the necklaces with just some really small gold hoop earrings that have little pink pom poms attached (super cute right!?) and I think they were from Accessorize.

I’ve then been finishing off the look with my Michael Kors watch and a neutral coloured scrunchie (I am really bloody loving scrunchies as well at the moment).


And that’s the full outfit! What do you guys think? Will you be going on the hunt for some cute printed tees for spring? And what do you think of this necklace layering? I’d love to know your thoughts! 

Speak soon! 

C  ♥

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