Dot It Real Good

Good afternoon my sweets! ♥ Hope you’re all fabulous! 

As I’m sure all fellow UK peeps are aware, England is having yet another one of it’s weather meltdowns where it’s not too sure what to do with itself! Us British have been used to this since birth, haha, so it’s seen as normal to leave the house in sandals and a skirt, whilst also carrying a brolly and a waterproof coat. Yeah, it’s pretty exhausting.

But sometimes, it is just a case of ‘what on earth do I wear?’ You know when it’s freezing cold in the morning and then baking come lunchtime? Then it’s blinking raining come 4 o’clock – it’s a right mare! Anyway, this spring I’ve got an outfit that I turn to to wear for those ‘I don’t have a bloody clue’ days, and thought it might be quite useful to do a really quick post on it!

Then hopefully, it’ll give you a little inspiration for those in between days when the weather’s a bit of everything!


Spotted Faux Fur Jacket (H&M) Beret (ASOS) Leather Skirt (H&M) Studded Bag (Primark) Sunglasses (Pretty Little Thing)  Watch (Michael Kors)


So here’s a really brief summary of this outfit and how it can be altered and worn come rain or shine!

  • A lightweight, flowy blouse  –  this can be buttoned up and tucked into a skirt for added warmth or un-tucked and slightly undone with the sleeves rolled up for cooler weather
  •  Belted Leather Miniskirt – as leather/PU can insulate a lot of heat, this skirt is great for the slightly colder, rainier days worn with tights, however just as lovely worn bare legged and paired with some flat shoes for if the sun comes out!
  • Faux Fur Jacket – perfect for nippy conditions and gives a cosy, warm touch (but can easily be taken off if the weather gets too warm!
  • A Beret – gives a sophisticated, chic effect but again, can be whipped off if the weather heats up!
  • Sunglasses – an essential to all handbags in my opinion! In the UK, the sun comes out as quickly as it goes away, so you never know when you might need some sunnies.
  • Flat, comfy shoes – if you’re not sure whether it’s going to be sunny, rainy, cold or hot, I don’t think you can go wrong with some comfy flats (that you don’t mind getting a bit wet if it does decide to chuck it down)! Alternatively, if you need to take ya tights off if the sun comes out, then you won’t look out of place in ankle boots or trainers, at least flat pumps really do go with everything.





Pale Pink Blouse (Topshop) Pink Tinted Sunglasses (Accessorize)


And there we go! I hope you lovelies have found this a little helpful for those funny ol’ days when you’re just not sure what to wear! I’d love to know your thoughts! 

C ♥

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