April Favourites

Hello my lovelies! Hope you are well! ♥

I thought I’d get on and do my April Favourites today, as we’re creeping further and further into May already! (I know, wth is going on there)!

So here’s an overview of a few beauty bits and bobs I’ve been using recently and absolutely loving! I hope you’ll like them too beauties, lotsa love! ♥


Disney ‘Marie’ Nail Stickers / ‘Dumbo’ Nail Files – both Primark 

Okay, so I don’t think I need to explain why these have made my April favourites – if you’re Disney mad like me then you’ll understand! No way was I leaving Primark without these once I’d clocked eyes on them! The Aristocats is one of my all time faves and I’m obsessed with anything that has Marie on it, so I picked up a couple packs of these nail stickers to use at some point soon- and of course I’ll let you know once I have! Make sure to follow me on Instagram as I will probably do an IGTV video of the application!

I also can’t get enough of these Dumbo files- how cuuuteee! They came all together in a pack and they honestly make filing ya nails that bit more bearable haha! Almost too adorable to use!




‘Elegant Touch Envy Wraps’ – Savers

Yep, these are from Savers people- and priced at 39p as well! Yes that’s not a typo, 39 bloody p! I obviously snatched up about three or four packs of them (because why not at that price) and I’ve already used them twice, creating slightly different looks both times! (shown below) x




The pack includes 18 leopard print wraps that are suitable for fingers and toes, as well as a mini buffer and instruction leaflet. They come in 3 or 4 different shades of pink which is amazing for creating various looks to suit a particular outfit or occasion, and you can either apply them to just one nail as a feature, or all over for a more loud, dramatic effect! I just love them!




Not only that, but they’re super easy to apply! They really are a quick, press on, smooth out and trim down to size job- nothing too complex or fiddly! If you’d like to see how I created these looks, head over to my Instagram (linked here) where I’ve done an IGTV video of the application. I’m sure there are plenty of Youtube videos as well on how to easily apply nail wraps so you won’t be completely stuck if you’re still unsure! x




‘Schwarzkopf Live Stay Bright Colour Booster in Purple Punk’ – Superdrug / Jasmine Hairbrush- Primark 

Okay next up – my new fave hair product! It’s the ‘Live Stay Bright Booster in Purple Punk’ which is basically a purple shampoo that you use to freshen and brighten up your hair colour. Any fellow people out there who have dyed their hair purple or red, will understand me when I say- it.does.not.last. I dye my hair so often it’s ridiculous! I’m talking every two weeks or so people – it’s honestly the worst colour for maintaining! But because I enjoy having my hair this colour so much and also because it’s something I’ve kept up for so long now, it’s just become normal haha! Luckily, with the dyes I use, I have never needed to bleach my hair either, so I don’t have the damage that comes with colouring your hair super bright!

But when products like this shampoo pop up in shops, I have to give them a go because nothing beats a good freshening up of colour in between dyes! And it’s really good as well! I wouldn’t say it’s something that sorts out your roots and gives you a full on head of colour again- at the end of the day it’s a tinted shampoo, not a dye- but it does a good ol’ job of giving you a bit of something before your next dye sesh. If you’d like to shop the product click here where you’ll also find it in red, woop woop! Oh and just as a pre-warning- make sure to still use gloves! Even though it’s technically a shampoo, it’s tinted purple so will stain ya hands haha! 


And next we have another Disney beauty accessory from Primark of couuurseee! (Seriously people, Primark are absolutely killing it with their Disney ranges, I practically live in there)! How pretty is this hairbrush! As IF I need another hairbrush, but I just couldn’t say no- it even has one of the flying carpet tassels!? Love, love, love.




Velvet Whip Lip Creme in ‘Brown’ / Squareletto Gloss nails in ‘Velvet Touch’ – both Primark 

Yes, more Primark (I’m sorry but I can’t get enough) – and this lip creme is my new favourite and not to mention a fabulous dupe for Mac’s ‘Velvet Teddy.’ Yes I just said it- for £1 this is literally Primark’s version of Mac’s £15 most popular lippy. I mean, I dunno what you’re thinking, but it’s a no bloody brainer?! I purchased one of these to begin with because I wasn’t sure how it was actually going to look on the lips, and I also wasn’t so sure on what the consistency would be like – if it’d be drying and fade etc etc. But omg, this lasts alllll day girls, it isn’t drying and doesn’t fade or crack, it just doesn’t budge. I loved it sooo much, that I went back the next day to get a few more, as well as a couple more in another shade but this is still ma FAVE. 100% would recommend giving it a go! The only slightt difference is that this gives a bit more of a satin finish compared to Velvet Teddy. I’d say it provides more of a satin/gloss look but it’s still gorgeous and basically the same colour so yassss! Go check it out!




I’m also really liking Primark’s adhesive nails at the moment! I know lots of people don’t get along with drugstore nails and just find them a right pain in the bum, (and I do get that to be honest haha)! They can be a bit of a nightmare to keep on, one minute you’ve got a nail attached and the next minute it’s pinging across the other side of the room!

I think it’s all down to the glue myself and whether it’s strong enough to hold down a false nail, even if just for a few days. Personally, I use a £1 ‘Nailene’ glue from Savers that is the bomb! Its bright yellow with a red lid, if you fancy going and having a look – it’s called ‘The Original Super Glue’ (dw guys, it’s not actual superglue) – bet ya thinking ‘well yah no wonder it’s staying on your nails you berk’ haha! It does kinda look a bit industrial to be honest but it’s not so don’t be put off ! It’s just much stronger than the glues that are provided in most false nail packs, and I find my nails stay on with this for at least 4 or 5 days before they begin pinging off, haha!




‘Superdrug’ and ‘Savers’ False Lashes

I’m really into strip lashes at the moment! Again, I think you either love them or you hate them, but once you’ve got the knack, they take literally two minutes to apply! And usually, I’d probably spend around 6-10 minutes achieving the same effect with mascara so, I find that they’re little saviours in the morning! My favourites are the Superdrug’s own in #407 and #405 – they’re natural and wispy looking and also just £1 each  -so you can’t go wrong! I’m also loving ‘Brit Rocks Vintage’ lashes that are again, available in Savers but I’m sure you can get them online too- I like the ‘Peony Lash’ pack (seen below)- they just give the loveliest natural effect and are super inexpensive!

If anyone has any affordable, false lash recommendations – I’d love to know! x


thumbnail_image9 (1)


St Moriz Tanning Mousse in ‘Dark’

My new tanning saviour for only £4.50! I saw and purchased this in Sainsbury’s the other day as I was in need of a cheap, emergency alternative to my usual Cocoa Brown, (after finding out the day before I had barely any left in the bottle -the worst kind of realisation!) Haha!

And oh my gosh, I think I may have a new fave! It’s lovely to put on and gives you an instant deep brown colour (like, I’m talking mega bronzed guys)! Of course, this is just the guide colour but still- it’s not messing about! It contains olive milk and vitamin E so this isn’t gonna dry your skin out, and develops over 4-6 hours. Personally, I like to apply this in the evening and leave it on overnight (stinky, but worth it).

On rinsing the tan off the next morning, I was left with amazingly deep bronzed skin, even after the guide colour was completely washed off! Usually, it’s a case of sadly watching the majority of your tan trickle down the drain – being left stood there with a pathetic hint of colour (gutting!)  But with this you’ll get an amazing coating of deep colour -which is so bloody satisfying after a night of smelling of Weetabix and staining your bedding!

You can get this in Medium as well I believe and I’m sure there’s a Light too so I would highly recommend! I purchased this in Sainsbury’s but you can also get in Superdrug and Boots along with other stores! x


thumbnail_image3 (1)


Gold Jewellery

Yay, accessories! My favouriteeee part to an outfit!

So apparently, you’re either a gold or a silver person but you can’t be both- anyone else heard this? I know some people that definitely prefer one over the other and feel that silver for example, ‘washes them out’ or gold ‘makes them look older than they are’ and yes this is probably true and completely ok! On thinking about this whilst having a tidy through all of my jewellery the other week, I realised I’m half and half! I have just as much silver as I do gold and I wear it all! Usually not together obviously, but some outfits I feel will be complemented by gold jewellery and others, silver suits much more- it really just depends I feel?

This spring however, I’m finding myself steering towards a lot of gold and I’m loving it! I feel like gold can be quite terrifying to some people haha, being seen as a bit cheap and trashy I suppose, but it really depends on the jewellery piece!  I’m really liking delicate gold pieces that create a pretty, minimalist look. Just the hint of a touch of gold here and there on an outfit, is so lovely, rather than an overload of gold absolutely everywhere – so if you’re unsure- I’d encourage you to check out the latest pieces that are available in places such as Accessorize, New Look and H&M because I’d think you’d be surprised what you’d find and really love!

Anyway, below are the little bits and bobs I’ve been getting a lot of use out of over the last month! I’d love to know- are you a silver or gold person? Or both!


thumbnail_image12 (1)



thumbnail_image13 (1)
From left (clockwise): Double Hoops (New Look as part of set) Multicoloured Gem Hairslide (New Look) Pearl Hair Clips (Primark) Mini Chunky Hoops (New Look) Rose Chain Necklace (Nasty Gal)


thumbnail_image3 (2)
From top (clockwise): Heart Hair Grip (Accessorize as part of pack) Heart Locket Necklace (Liars And Lovers @ ASOS) Opal and Seashell Studs (New Look as part of set) Plain Gold Chain (Primark)






Thank you so much for reading my gorgeous people! I’d love to know your thoughts on this post – have you got or tried any of these products yourself? If so what do you think! 

C ♥




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