A Few Body Shop Favourites (Alongside Some Brand New Launches)…

Hello! ♥ Hope you’ve all had fabulous weeks!

Tonight’s post is all about some recent Body Shop purchases of mine, as well as a few amazing new ranges that they’ve brought out in recent weeks! I was kindly invited to my local store to find out more and I was even gifted a few bits and bobs, which was just so lovely!

I’m gonna link all the products below for you guys to shop – do let me know what you think! Lotsa Love x


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Left: Cactus Blossom Shower Gel 

This is part of the new ‘Cactus Blossom’ range and is the most yummy, exotic, fresh wash EVER! It leaves you feeling super awake so if you love an uplifting shower gel to kick start your day – this is ya new best mate! It’s enriched with cactus flower extract from Morocco and Community Trade honey from Ethiopia – really fruity and floral! I can’t wait to snatch up the other products in the range!

Right: Banana Shower Cream

Right so first things first; this basically smells as if someone has blended up a bag of foam bananas – so, any banana sweet fans out there- get yaself to The Body Shop cuz’ I reckon you will LOVE this brand new range!

Second of all (I can’t get over this) – the product is made from Community Trade organic banana puree – from ‘wonky bananas!’ Sorry BUT IF THAT ISN’T THE CUTEST THING EVER,  IDK WHAT IS! So these are basically the bananas that weren’t ‘good enough’ to make it to the shops, but now they’ve all been used up specially for this shower cream! ADORABLE.

It’s creamy, soft and summery (and also vegan if you were wondering) so all in all, perfect for this time of year!



Almond Milk & Honey Shower Cream

Almond Milk & Honey Body Yogurt

I think this range is my favouriteeee, just because it’s so simple! It smells bloody de-lish  (really cosy and luxurious) and is gentle enough to use everyday! I love using the cream wash in the bath (it’s so moisturising and soft – you won’t wanna stop slapping it on) and then I apply the body yoghurt once I’m out and dried and omg this stuff dries instantly! I’m not even kidding, I’ve never used such a lightweight body lotion – its INCREDIBLE.  It’s more of a gel-cream consistency, so super moisturising and absorbing without any greasiness. It just soaks right into your skin, no stickiness and no waiting around to dry- those jeans are going on straight away gals!



Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter 

Ok basically lovelies, this leaves your skin so fricking SOFT AND CLEANSED and need I say any more than that? It’s super creamy and gentle (and smells almost powdery) which I love! You can’t go wrong with this, it’s just gorgeous and is now gonna be a permanent product in my daily routine! You’ll love it if you prefer skincare that doesn’t have too many ingredients involved and is quite basic and simple!



Top Left: Nicaraguan Coffee Intense Awakening Mask

This new Nicaraguan Coffee mask has recently been released, and I LOVE IT! It’s enriched with coffee bean particles from Nicaragua and Community Trade ingredients from around the world, and it literally smells like that first cup of coffee in the morning = heaven. It gently exfoliates and warms the skin on application and leaves your skin feeling energised, clear and looking radiant! (Apparently this is perfect first thing in the morning for a good kick start up the bum)! I’ve personally only tried this in the evening but I’m gonna give it a go in the morning and see if it wakes me up any more than usual (think that requires a miracle but I’ll give it a punt)! It has a rich, exfoliating texture and contains cocoa and shea butter as well so it leaves your skin feeling lovely and soft afterwards too – a win win!

Bottom Left: Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

Ok so as far as I’m aware, this is a Body Shop best seller so I was intrigued to give this a go. There’s lots that I could say about this product, but in a nutshell it’s a 100% vegan, tingling clay mask infused with bamboo charcoal, green tea leaves, and organic tree oil. It’s super invigorating and draws out any impurities in the skin which is great if you have any blemishes or blackheads that need to be sorted out! I love that this mask is gentle on the skin as well, as I think we all know charcoal can be a bit savage! I don’t feel as if my face has been stripped after using it, but definitely deeply cleansed and clarified!  Can’t wait to go back and grab myself a full size product!


Right: Vitamin E Quench Sheet Mask

Sheet masks are everywhere at the moment and if I’m absolutely honest, I’m not really a huge fan.. !? Anyone else feel the same cuz I’m really intrigued to know if it’s just me? Haha! I just find them soo uncomfortable and fiddly and like I can’t fully just sit and enjoy it? Anyway, I was kindly gifted this to try out, so despite my previous bad experiences with sheet masks I’m going to give this a go, haha!

It’s a hydrating, single use mask that locks in 24hr hydration and leaves skin softer and smoother! It’s suitable for all skin types and enriched with aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and wheatgerm oil – so in fairness this does sound super dreamy! I think I just need to take the plunge and give it a whirl! I’ll let you guys know how I get on!



‘Own Your Naturals’ Eyeshadow Palette

First of all- the packaging guys!? I’m in looveee with it – it’s so adorable! Pretty, pink and slightly tropical- perfect for summer! I also love that the lid is clear because you can see all the pretty colours! Leading on to my next point- these colours are insanely pigmented! You would not think this palette is £15- they’re just so creamy, buildable and long lasting, am a huge fan! And the colours themselves are so versatile which I think is great cuz there’s always those few shades that just kinda sit there in the pan like ‘hey, gon’ give me a go anytime soon?’ Absolutely not babe haha! But these shades are just so natural and everyday that you can use them allll! You can easily go from a subtle, pinky-nude look to a dramatic, night-time look with the help of the bronzes and browns in the palette –  so I am basically a number 1 fan people and I think you’ll absolutely love too! Click the link in the title above to shop! x


thumbnail_image7 (1)


(I purchased the ‘almond milk & honey’ products, eyeshadow palette and ‘cactus blossom’ shower gel myself, everything else was gifted) 🙂


Thank you so much for popping by angels, I hope you enjoyed! I’d love to know if you’ve tried any of these Body Shop products and if not- are you going to? Lotsa love x 

C ♥




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