The Travel Essentials I Always Pack For My Holidays!

Afternoon!Hope you’re all well!

Now it’s that time of year where everyone’s getting geared up for their summer travels, so I thought it’d be helpful to do a quick post on the little essentials I always make sure to pack with me on holiday! I’ve never really known where to draw the line when it comes to packing, and always end up stuffing in uneccesaary shoes, bikinis and hats even though I know full bloody well I won’t be using hardly any of it! Which A. is a complete waste of space, B. complete waste of money and C. a complete waste of time and energy too! And I’m sure we’re all guilty of it! It’s always a case of ‘hmmm but I miiight wear it’ or ‘just in case we decide to go out for dinner or something’.. yes we’ve all done it because it’s so easy to think we’ll need more than we actually do whilst abroad!

Anyway, a couple months ago, my boyfriend and I went to Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) for a week and I promised myself I wasn’t going to over-pack or at least not pack things I knew I wouldn’t need. Now I knew it would be a super chill break where a lot of sunbathing by the pool and walks along the beach would be involved. Yet I still thought 5 bikinis, 7 pairs of shoes, and outfits was necessary and did I even wear half of the stuff I took? Absolutely not. Why do I do it to myself every time! Now it’s not like it’s harming anyone to have a bit extra than you need, if anything it’s better to have more than less, but I honestly just pottered about in the same 2 bikinis and kaftan for the whole week! What’s that all about?!

Soooo, before planning any outfits for my next holiday (which is 4 weeks away eeekk!) – I’ve made myself a strict list where I need to question everything on it- do I really need that? Will I wear this top? Do I require 6 pairs of shoes? This way, I’m hoping I’ll save time and money by not buying and packing unecessary things in my suitcase! (Here’s to hoping anyway guys, haha!) We’ll see how that goes eh…

In regards to hand luggage, I’m usually pretty good at keeping things to a minimum and only taking items I will actually need and use on the flight, which is what I’m going to list below for you!

I hope you enjoy and find this helpful and do let me know how you pack for your holidays! Are you an over or under packer? And do you have any absolute essentials for your flight journeys? x


thumbnail_image10 (3)


Passport– an obvious one but kinda important


A Jazzy Phone Case – for some reason, I always feel the need to get a really summery case for my phone when I go away haha! Just really gives me those beach vibezz!


Notebook & Pen – whether for noting down important flight or hotel details or just to scribble out some blog ideas, a notebook and pen is always something I have to hand!


thumbnail_image12 (3)
Top: Flamingo Phone Case (Coconut Lane) Bottom: Palm Pwr Hair Mask (Coconut Lane)


Sunglasses –  an absolute essential for any summer holiday – I usually take a couple pairs but make sure to have a pair in my hand luggage for getting off the plane the other side! (Mainly to hide the ‘tired, puffy eyes’ look, lol)


thumbnail_image13 (3)
Toucan Tropical Notebook (Coconut Lane)


thumbnail_image14 (2)


thumbnail_image2 (4)
Pink Tinted Sunglasses (Coconut Lane)


My Prescription Glasses –  Being short sighted, I only really need my glasses for driving because ya know, (handy to be able to see things further away whilst behind the wheel), but I do like to take my glasses with me on holiday anyway, even if just for little things such as reading the gates at the airport, haha!


Portable Charger – I bloody love a portable charger! STRESSES me out when my phone is rapidly dying and I’m not near a plug socket so these really are little lifesavers! The one below is from Primark and I believe I got it for around £8!


‘Bits & Bobs’ Cosemtic Bag (Accessorize) Peach Hand Gel (Primark) Nail File (Primark) Hair Grips (Primark) Instax Camera (Present) ‘Malibu’ Lipbalm (Superdrug) Glasses (Specsavers)


Bobby Pins & Hairbands –  These are just always needed I swear.


Hairbrush – again – always needed!


Selfie Stick –  These are such handy lil’ inventions and you always find you need one when ya least expect it! Plus they’re super portable and fold up so they take up next to no room in your hand luggage!


Lipbalm – I find your skin and lips can get sooo dry on a flight, plus travelling is just exhausting anyway (so you can easily feel run down)- therefore a lil’ lip balm is always good to sort out any dryness! The ones I tend to take with me on holiday, are the Malibu  ones that contain sunscreen! They are usually available in a 3 pack from Superdrug for a few pounds so well worth grabbing! Plus I love that they have SPF, sunburnt lips are not ok!


Hand Gel – for a good freshening up!


Nail File – you know all those times you don’t need a nail file and always have one handy and then that one time you snag your nail – no nail file. Typicalllll, anwyay I don’t allow that to even be a situation anymore, nail files are always packed.


Plasters – *ditto above* – how horrendous is it when you have two savage blisters and no plasters?! NO THANKU.


‘You Do You’ Book (ASOS) Selfie Stick (Amazon) Mouse Pen (Paperchase) Unicorn Luggage Tag (Present) Mentos Gum (Primark) Pink Cat Eye Sunglasses (ASOS) Rimmel ‘Stay Matte’ Powder (Superdrug) ‘Lottie’ Powder Brush (Superdrug) Sparkle Hairbrush (Primark) Portable Phone Charger (Primark)


Chewing Gum – bored? Gum. Hungry? Gum. More importantly – Bad breath? Gum.


A Book – Often I’ll try read on the plane but won’t actually end up reading on holiday however I know that most people looveee a good book on holiday so definitely a must to pack!


Face Powder and Brush – Usually before boarding and then just before landing, I like to quickly dust over my face with some powder to get rid of any sweatiness haha!


Camera – My Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 is my best friend on holiday – I love it! I do stress out about it going in my main suitcase and getting broken so I make sure to pack it in my hand luggage where I know it’s safe.


And that’s that! What do you guys always pack in your hand luggage for your holidays? I’d love to know if you found this helpful as well so do drop me some comments! Speak soon! x 

C ♥

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