A Natural, Summer Bronze Eye Look

Hello and happy Thursday! ♥

Today’s post is a quick one but I hope you’ll like it! I’ve recently been using my fave Charlotte Tilbury products to create glowy, eye makeup looks that I think are perfect for those warm, summer evenings on holiday! I got a lot of use out of these products over the winter period,  but I hate for things to to go to waste so I’ve added them back into my makeup bag for the summer!

Instead of using them rather heavily to create intense, smokey looks, I’ve been lightly creating subtle bronze looks that are lightweight and natural but still super pretty for this time of year! I’ve also been using the new Body Shop eyeshadow palette an awful lot since I purchased it (I’ve used a shade from it for this look today) – it’s the most amazingly pigmented, diverse palette so I’d highly recommend checking it out! (I’ll caption which shade I used today down below, along with the Charlotte Tilbury products, swatches and the final look)!

To see how I’ve created this look – head over to my IGTV Channel on Instagram (LINKED HERE) where I’ve filmed a short tutorial with all products in full action! I hope you enjoy! X


thumbnail_image2 (2)

Left: Eyes to Mesmerise in ‘Marie Antoinette’ Right: ‘Dolce Vita’ Palette Bottom: Colour Chameleon in ‘Bronzed Garnet’



thumbnail_image1 (3)

Shades used from ‘Dolce Vita’- top right and bottom left


thumbnail_image7 (1)

The Body Shop ‘Own Your Naturals’ Palette (shade used today – bottom row, second in from right)

From Left-Right: Eyes To Mesmerise in ‘Marie Antoinette’, ‘Enhance’ shade (Dolce Vita), ‘Pop’ shade (Dolce Vita), Copper shade (Body Shop Palette as seen above)


Thank you soo much for popping by lovelies! And do let me know your thoughts on any of these products! Speak soon!

C ♥




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