A Candy Coloured Festival Makeup Look Using the ‘I Love Revolution Unicorn Heart’ Palette

Good eveninggg and Happy Sunday! ♥ 

Today’s post is all about a magical makeup look that I’ve created using the ‘I ♥ Revolution Unicorn Heart’ palette! If you love pastel pinks and purples with a whole load of shimmer – then this is for you! I’m gonna reign in the waffle for this post, but I will talk a little about the selection of shades and the eyeshadow pigment. I’ve done some swatches in various different lightings as well, and have included lots of pics of the final look so hopefully this gives you a good idea of what the palette is like! x I’d love to know what you think!

Lotsa Love x 


thumbnail_image3 (1)
I Love Revolution ‘Unicorn Heart’ palette
thumbnail_image4 (1)
I Love Revolution ‘Blushing Hearts Triple Baked Blusher in Peachy Pink Kisses’ / ‘By Terry Baume De Rose’ / Earrings (Accessorize)  Maybelline ‘Colorsensational lip liner in 56 Almond Rose’


The Shades

Okay, so in a nutshell gals, this palette is super pretty, super girly and super shimmery. So if that’s a bit of you, then head down to Superdrug immediately after reading this post and grab yaself this palette, and if not then perhaps you wouldn’t like this quite as much (and that’s ok!) I can completely see why this might not be someone’s cuppa tea, but once in a while I do love a fun coloured palette, specially for this time of year where there’s plenty of excuses to play around with colours. I personally thought this would be perfect for festival season, holidays abroad and summer parties, so if you’ve got any coming up, it might be well worth checking this out, as a high quality but affordable product!


So anyway, onto the shade selection!

From L-R:

  1. a very simple creamy/pale pink colour with specks of iridescent shimmer (which would be perfect as your base shade)
  2. a shimmery light purple (fab blended onto the lid for a pop of pastel colour)
  3. a matte lilac (great as a transitioning colour or blended into the crease)
  4. a shimmery bluey-lilac (more on the bluey side which is quite different but surprisingly lovely)!
  5. a subtle white shimmer shade with specks of pale pink glitter (gorgeous and simple if you’re wanting a low-key look)
  6. an intense burnt orange matte (perfect to blend into the crease and outer corners of the eye to smoke up the look)
  7. a pastel pink shimmer (super pretty on the lids for a pop of unicorn magic!)
  8. a deep shimmery plum (this would be gorgeous blended into the outer corners of the eye for a smoky contrast, and also under the waterline to intensify the look even more
  9. an intense orange/copper shimmer (another shade that’s fab to create a smoked eye look)
  10. a deep purple-blue shimmer (great paired with shade 4 and blended into outer corners for a smoky combination)
  11. a hot pink shimmer (this would look amazing blended into outer corners or just for a splash of colour on the lid)
  12. a charcoal grey shimmer (blending this into your eye look would create more of a dramatic, smoked effect which is ideal if you’re wanting to tone down the bright colours)



The Pigment

Overall, the pigment is bloody amazing guys (especially since this is a £7 drugstore palette we’re talking about)?! I would 100% choose this brand over higher end, purely down to the fact that I’ve not experienced such amazing pigment, sparkle, shimmer and intensity in eyeshadows before this brand emerged! Just look at the shades – they’re super gorgeous! Plus they last and last which is what we all want right?

Now I’d say my favourites for the actual colours are shades; ‘2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 11’

And my favourites for pigment are; ‘2, 4, 5, 7 and 11’

I’d say my least favourite for pigment are shades; ‘8, 9 and 10’ which are the harsher, more intense colours, that I found took a few attempts to get a good swatch out of. Does it make sense if I said they kinda dragged? They’re still amazing colours but I found they weren’t as smooth and creamy to apply as the others.



Summer of Love Triple Baked Bronzer in ‘Hot Summer of Love’ and Blushing Hearts Triple Baked Blusher in ‘Iced Hearts’

These are the most amazingggg shimmer face products to create a glowy, summery look! I’m much more of a matte effect kinda gal, but I do love a bit of shimmer on my face when used sparingly, so if you’re similar, then trust me- these are super pretty when used carefully!

I do feel like you could easily end up looking like a real life glittered up unicorn if these were slapped on cuz’ the pigment is so bloody intense, haha! So all I do is really gently take a tiny bit of the bronzer and blend it just into the apples of my cheeks and then I like to use a tad of the blusher as highlighter – for a pretty pink, iridescent glow!


Left- Triple Baked Bronzer /  Right – Triple Baked Blusher

The Final Look! 

The shades I used on my eyes from the palette are, ‘1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7’ (so I’ve kept it super pastely and unicorn-like)! I then used both heart face products and finished off with some lip gloss (which looks extra sparkly cuz I dabbed a bit of the blush on top) –  haha!Getting me money’s worth! x

I hope you like it ♥









Thank you for reading lovelies!

C ♥




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