My Primark Holiday Purchases!

Hello lovelies and Happy Monday! (How’s it here already!?)

Today’s post is all about a bunch of Primark buys that I recently purchased for my holiday away to Cyprus! We landed back home last night after a beautiful (but extremely hot) week away, so whilst all my fave travel essentials are still fresh in my mind, I thought I’d write up a quick post! And then if you’re soon off somewhere lovely, then you can pop along to Primark and snatch up some of these goodies for not a lot of pennies at all!

I hope you enjoy! X

Minnie Mouse Water Bottle

First of all, how bloody adorable!? I HAD TO HAVE THIS. It’s a rather large water bottle so once filled up, it’ll keep you hydrated for quite a while whilst you’re at the beach or just chilling by the pool! It also has a sucky straw which I much prefer to a bottle with a screw on cap.


Minnie Mouse Neck Pillow

This was my very first time using a neck pillow for the plane, but oh my daysss was it a saviour! None of that awful head flopping to one side business! Plus it has ears and a bow so what’s not to love?


‘Marie’ The Aristocats Stationery Supplies

Ok so I nearly had some sort of fit when I saw all these pink, sparkly, Disney goodies – how cayooot!? The notebook, pencil case, pack of pens and phone case would have probably come to around £10, maybe a little over, which I think is amazing for what you’re getting! I love a notebook to take on my travels and I actually needed a new pencil case so I was really chuffed when I saw this section in homeware! (I couldn’t resist the phone case either, hehe).


Unicorn Makeup Brush Cleaning Pad

Ok, so I’ll admit this wasn’t realyyy an essential but for £1.50, I wasn’t leaving without one! I usually just clean my brushes by hand in the sink, but this actually makes the job a lot more enjoyable (lol, simple things eh).


Pink Clay Mask/Grapefruit Cream Mask and Grapefruit Jelly Mask

This was my first time trying Primark face masks so I was a little dubious but I have to say – I was very impressed! For not a lot of pennies at all, these masks do the same job that more expensive brands claim to do! In-cred! The pink clay mask is a personal fave out of the three and I will be going back to Primarni to stock up on those, but even still, the grapefruit masks were very refreshing and lovely on the skin – perfect if you prefer a fruity face treat! I took all three sachets on holiday with me, as they’re much easier to pack in your luggage, and they were fab! Would highly recommend!


Travel Tissues/Imperial Leather ‘Mallowmazing’ Travel size Foam Shower Gel and Hand Gel

I always like to take some travel tissues and a little hand sanitiser in my hand luggage as there always seems to be some sort of disaster wherever I go, haha! And the foamburst shower gel lasted me the whole week without taking up a ton of room in my suitcase on the way there!

Volume False Lashes/Leopard Tweezers/Statement Earrings/Hair Clip/Flower Crown/Tresemme Colour Protect Travel Size Shampoo and Conditioner

So in my hand luggage, I always take a bulldog clip and hairband in case I want to clip my hair completely off my face for the flight and then in my suitcase for the holiday itself, I make sure to pack a pair of tweezers, some strip lashes, at least 1 pair of statement hoop earrings (are you really on holiday without some big earrings tho)… a pretty flower crown or headband (to feel extra summery) and some travel haircare. All these things below were bought from Primark for not a lot at all so if you need to get stocked up – it’s the place to go!



‘Bronze Glow’ Matte Bronzing Powder

For £2, you just can’t grumble with this. I’d actually completely run out of the one I was using right before holiday, and I needed a quick, affordable replacement – honestly this is a-ma-zing stuff. So pigmented and long lasting, you wouldn’t even believe it’s from Primark! Great to bronze up your skin on holiday!


Gold Digger Highlighter/Mink Pink Highlighter

These are FABULOUS! My new fave go-to highlighters, packed with shimmer and pigment and give the most gorgeous glow to the skin. I think I got both of these for £5 altogether and I’ve had so many compliments from people when wearing them! A lady the other day was stunned when I told her it was from Primark! She thought it was Dior or something! I took ‘Gold Digger’ on holiday as I feel it’s more of a summer shade but both would be gorgeous for sure!


Thanks for reading sweets! I hope you enjoyed this – I’d love to know your thoughts on Primark’s travel products! 

C ♥



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