June Favourites

Hi lovelies! Hope you’re all well! ♥

Today’s post is a quick overview on my fave beauty products of the month! I can’t stop using these bits and bobs (especially the Tanologist tan and Primark foundation) –  they’re just perfect for summertime! I hope you enjoy! 


Left: Tanologist Express Tan Water in ‘Dark’ (Superdrug) / Top: Bronzer (Primark) / Right: The Perfect Colour Matte Foundation in shade ‘Honey’ (Primark)


Ok guys, so first off- I’m really loving Primark’s makeup at the moment! I got a few cheapy products to take away on holiday with me that I could leave there if I wanted, but omg I’ve actually fallen in love! I brought everything home and am still using! The quality is insane and definitely not cheap or icky in the slightest! I’ve actually decided to do a full Primark makeup review on the bits and bobs I’ve purchased and have recently been using, so do keep an eye out for that, as it will be well on it’s way over the next week!

But as a quick overview, the foundation is a really good affordable alternative to Rimmel’s ‘Match Perfection’ in my eyes. The consistency isn’t too thick or gloopy (which I was half expecting) despite it being medium-full coverage! It effortlessly covers everything you want it to but doesn’t ever look too heavy or cakey at all! I’ve never noticed any patchiness as the hours go on either which is such a bonus as there really is nothing worse is there!? It sinks comfortably into the skin and is a great base for other products such as concealer and powder. I would rate this is a good 7/10, because for the money especially, it’s a nifty little product that does exactly what it says it’ll do and exceeds expectations massively! FAB-U-LOUS!

Moving onto the bronzer, this could quite possibly be the best few pound purchsae I’ve made in a long time! I’ve 100% owned more expensive, higher branded bronzers in the past that don’t have near as much pigment as this Primark one! Seriously! The teeniest tiniest bit is needed so this will last you yonks and it blends really well into the skin, so yuo don’t have to worry about the streakiness you can often get with cheaper products. It’s another 7/10 from me, and I will be repurchsaing this again and again! If you’re a bronzer fanatic like me and go through it like God knows what- you need this in your makeup bag!


Bottom: Grapefruit Jelly Mask (Primark)


Next up is the ‘I Love Revolution Blushing Hearts Blush and Highlighter’ in ‘Iced Hearts’ – this my friends is an all round block of YES YES YES. It’s another super affordable product (I believe it’s £5) that can be used sparingly as blusher on the apples of your cheeks (you’ll look so cute and glimmery) or as highlighter on your cheekbones, brow bone and nose (giving you a shimmery, glammed up look), so you can go from day-night makeup super quickly! It also helps that it’s in the most beautiful heart shaped packaging, I mean can you get much cuter? I’ve decided I need all the ‘I Heart Revolution’ range, the packaging is to die for! I’ve been using this loads recently for a summery glow and I get lots of compliments!


Top: ‘Blushing Hearts Blusher’ in ‘Iced Hearts’ from I Love Revolution (Superdrug) Middle: Hair Scarf (Primark)


Ok, so I’ve been using Simple in my routine for years now, and I definitely won’t be stopping anytime soon – it’s for sure one of those affordable, timeless, all-round healthy skincare brands that are super good for your skin. Sooo, as soon as I saw this cute little travel pouch, I had to get it to take away on holiday as it’s just the perfect size isn’t it! I’m still using this, so it has way more product in it than you think, but you now have the added bonus of not having as much packaging clunking around in your bathroom!


Simple Moisturising Facial Wash Travel Pouch (Superdrug)


Last but absolutely not least – my favveeeee lil’ discovery of the month, Tanologist’s ‘Express Self Tanning Water!’ This is INCREDIBLE STUFF GALS! If you haven’t already tried this, then get yourself down to Superdrug because I don’t want you missing out on something I missed out on for ages, haha! I can honestly say this stuff does wonders – Cocoa Brown who?

So I got introduced to this tan by the lovely ‘alohaamy_’ on Instagram (do go check her out- she’s the ultimate pink queen), and I was instantly intrigued to try it out! I’ve been on the hunt for a gradual tan for a while now – specifically one that fades evenly and without patchiness – (hell no to tiger bread arms)! I’ve been obsessed with using Cocoa Brown and St Moriz tanning mousses as they give you that really intense dark colour overnight, but I just loathe the fading process! I can’t stand it when a day or two after application, the colour starts cracking and the tiring chore of ‘scrubbing at your arms with a shower puff for 30 mins’, kicks in. I’m not about it.

Anyway, Amy recommended this to me and I was so excited to give it a go as the thought of a tanning water was very intriguing and I was curious to see how the colour would turn out, as ya know, there’s literally no blinkin’ colour guide to go by?! (Genius or lethal? I’m still not sure).

Loonnnggg story short, I ended up purchasing it in the shade ‘dark’ (cuz I do like a good bronze me), but you can get it in Light and Medium for fairer skinned girly’s (or even if you just prefer a subtle hint of colour).

Right – now I don’t want to waffle on much more cuz I’m sure you’ve had enough, so I’m just gonna list some things to bear in mind when using this tan – ‘top tips’ if ya like!

  • there’s not a colour guide, so make sure you spray an even amount straight onto your skin and then quickly give it a good blend with a mitt (apparently you can use your hands but I personally would stick to a mitt). This way, there’s no guessing as to where you’ve sprayed tan already – just spritz and blend, spritz and blend..
  • As there is no instant bronzer to go by, you can easily be tricked into thinking you haven’t applied enough, so you’ll likely be tempted to add a bit more (just coming from my experience) –  I got very stressed out when I couldn’t see colour developing and went to bloody town on my arms and hands. Safe to say, the next morning was a right laugh. Sooo, don’t freak out at the lack of colour, trust me- it’s there and you will see it eventually 🙂
  • The longer you leave the tan on, the darker the colour. Simple as that. I like to do an application in the evening, leave on overnight and wash off in the morning. That would be roughly 8 hours at the least and I get the most amazing deep bronze from it- it’s seriously amazing!
  • This stuff smells freaking gawwjussssss on application but don’t be fooled – it’s a bit too good to be true cuz within an hour or so, you’ll be smelling that awful biscuity smell seeping from your pores, so make sure you’re wearing old clothes or PJ’s you don’t really mind destroying haha!
  • Overall, this is fab and a new fave of mine! Would 100% recommend!


Tanologist Express Tan Self Tanning Water ‘Dark’


And that’s that! Thank you for reading beauts!

C ♥




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