All About That Base

Hello lovelies! ♥ So I’m back with another Makeup Revolution review! 

I thought today I’d chat a little about the face products I’ve recently been using from the brand and exactly how I feel about them! I hope you’ll find it interesting – if you’re on the hunt for high quality, affordable makeup then look no further! … 




Mega Bronzer 02- Warm

Ok, so first off- how bloody humungous is this bronzer!? I think it’s one of the biggest ones I’ve come across by far, so if you love a huge pan that you can dip into with an equally huge brush – then this is your new best mate! It’s especially good if you tend to use bronzer on areas other than just your face as you won’t be worrying about wasting product- this will literally last you months! (Even if you’re slapping it up your arms and legs like it’s going out of fashion)! And for £4, you just can’t complain. Now I know what you’re thinking- there’s gotta be a catch? Well, I’m actually trying to think of one for you, (just to keep things a little real and all that)- but I honestly can’t think of one! The quality is truly bloody amazing with so much pigment! It’s easy to blend, stays all day – I don’t really know what isn’t to like! I use the shade ’02 Warm’ as I prefer a strong bronze but for lighter skin tones, or for you gals who do just prefer a very subtle hint of colour, ’01 Cool’ would work fab for you.




Loose Baking Powder ‘Banana’

Right guys, so I absolutely adooreee this powder! I bloody love a good bake – and this does an amazing job of it! It sets your makeup to a flawless finish and makes your skin look so perfect and air brushed! HUGE FAN. The best thing is, this sells as £5 in Superdrug and online which is a bargain if you ask me, and it’s now available in 7 new shades which brings the collection to a total of 10 shades! I use ‘Banana’ as that’s specifically for brightening medium skin tones, but there are 9 more shades to choose from so check out the link in the title above and have a browse for the shade to suit your skin!


Full Cover Camouflage Concealer – C10

Now for me, concealer is kind of a must in my everyday makeup routine – even if I wasn’t fancying full on foundation, a little bit of concealer here and there makes me feel ten times better! Whether it’ under my eyes to try hide the fact I had 5 hours sleep or just to cover some measly spots, it has to be said- concealer is a lifesaver!

I discovered this little miracle product from Revolution a while back now (I’m talking months and months) – and it’s still going! I use it every day and it’s only a tiny little tube so how it’s still going I don’t know! A little does go a long way though, so the tiniest dot on the tip of your finger will be enough!

I use the shade C10 which is for medium skin with golden undertones, but there’s 18 of these so you’ll definitely find one perfectly matched for you!

At £5 this is sooo pigmented and provides long lasting coverage all day (with none of that awful patchiness some full coverage concealers leave after just a few hours). I use this to cover spots mainly but it’s designed to also cover scars, birthmarks, veins and temporarily- to disguise tattoos – so as you can imagine, this is a hero concealer!

If you do prefer more of a heavy coverage as part of your makeup routine – you should 100% check out this bargain of a product because it really does do what it says it’ll do and at £5, I doubt very much you’ll complain!





Conceal & Define C4.5

Another concealer I’m obsessed with from Revolution is their ‘Conceal £ Define’ liquid formula range which I tend to use for brightening under my eyes, however it’s also designed to contour and add definition to your cheeks- double whammy!

Available in 50 shades from fair to deep with various undertones, this concealer provides intense pigment with a matte finish (that doesn’t settle into any fine lines)! It’s full coverage yet lightweight and is great for counteracting dark circles, (which is mainly what I use it for). As I intended to use it for the under-eye area, I bought the shade C4.5, which is for light skin with neutral undertones, so not too light but also not too close to my medium skin tone.

And as there are sooo bloody many different shades in the collection, there will be a perfect shade suited to you for sure!




Matte Base Powder – P5

Another AMAZING powder range from Revolution – ‘Matte Base’ are launching in 18 shades! This powder sells at £3 in Superdrug and online, and is a weightless, silky soft formula that provides a natural matte finish, keeping shine at bay – (so will be your best friend if you have oily skin)!

I use P5 (for light/medium skin with neutral undertones) and tend to buff it all over my face to set my makeup – and it works a bloody goodun’!

That’s the end of this post lovelies, I hope you enjoyed! Have you tried any of these products from Revolution? If not, will you be giving them a go and are there any products that you’d recommend? I’d love to know!

C ♥

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